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  • Hello GM Yamea. I noticed the nice change in the forum design and organization throughout the past few years. Curious if you could review and add another resource, (hopefully you've heard of it). It's known as the Recipe Book. Can be found at tiny.cc/EE_Recipe. It's case-sensitive. I manage it currently, and it was born through me and an old friend. Hope it's useful to you as it has been for players since 2013.
  • [GM] Yamea , i was wondering when the rewards of Quizzlet 10 be sent. My previous username is AbbyRembrandth™ but i changed it to my character's name - LgndryPerverNun. Kindly sent the reward to my new character. Thank you very much for the consideration.
  • I apologize Yamea - i wasn't myself when i caused the commotion / disturbance yesterday. I had a lot of liquor intake when my sphygmo spiked yesterday. But Shi-omeone stopped me yesterday.

    I am really sorry.
  • bonjour j'ai envoyer un ticket car je ne me rappel plus de mon mdp de personnage ,ça fais deux jours et toujors aucune reponse
    • Hello, we have no FR Ticket Support currently. I suggest to write an english Ticket if you need a fast answer. If not, I can only ask for your patience until the FR Tickets are answered. Sorry for the delay.
  • When will the Quizzle 7 Rewards sent?
  • Bonjour jessaye de me connecter au jeux mais une foi le jeux lancer pour se Login je mais mon pseudo et mon mode passe puit sa me mais Id Incorrect