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  • I apologize Yamea - i wasn't myself when i caused the commotion / disturbance yesterday. I had a lot of liquor intake when my sphygmo spiked yesterday. But Shi-omeone stopped me yesterday.

    I am really sorry.
  • bonjour j'ai envoyer un ticket car je ne me rappel plus de mon mdp de personnage ,ça fais deux jours et toujors aucune reponse
    • Hello, we have no FR Ticket Support currently. I suggest to write an english Ticket if you need a fast answer. If not, I can only ask for your patience until the FR Tickets are answered. Sorry for the delay.
  • When will the Quizzle 7 Rewards sent?
  • Bonjour jessaye de me connecter au jeux mais une foi le jeux lancer pour se Login je mais mon pseudo et mon mode passe puit sa me mais Id Incorrect