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    Hopefully in the future xlegend will change their mind.

    I honestly dont see that happening because these types of games are just cash cows to milk as much money out of the consumer as possible and as someone who has some experience in the field of coding, I can honestly say unless its something that the coders are enjoying while working on, there will be sloppy code and poor bug testing done, which is one of the reasons why new projects take precedence.

    I'll be up for refereeing however my bribes are somewhat expensive and comprise of the following items;

    1 x "129 Eternal Coins" to avoid being yellow carded for aggressive play style

    2 x "129 Eternal Coins" to avoid being red carded for killing a member of the other team

    3 x "129 Eternal Coins" to get me to look the other way and call a free kick when the other team scores

    if you have no ep's i'll accept payment of the following;

    1 hand alpha weapons for infusion / rerolling

    blue / orange cestus for infusion / rerolling

    lvl 50-65 stardusts

    and if you want an easy win no matter how much the other team try hard my payment is 1 x lvl 90 stardust.

    From looking at x-legends website I can see that they still associate themselves with this game. Isn't there some way of applying a little pressure towards x-legends to revisit this game to add some fixes at least. I realize working on old projects can be tedious especially when you're excited about new ones, however this game is still very buggy and I would assume it does not provide much in a way of adding to their reputation in a good way.

    if this game was in better shape, some advertising could be done again to bring in more players to get some fresh meat and build on the current player base.

    I believe this would benefit all because there are a lot of players who have no idea how to do the gunpowder quest to get free world calls and safety stones yet have no problem spending gold buying them. Heres a break down of potential rewards so you can see it does not just benefit those who took a break from the game or are new players and does indeed benefit those who were around constantly.

    lvl 50, 55 trials onward = build materials + chance at completion of trophy archive

    lvl 60 trials onward = safety stones and pvp honor medals

    lvl 65 trials onward = free ec's

    lvl 70 s trials = kekabu accessories + trophy and silins drake eye ring

    Even if the focus was on lvl 65+ trial bosses that is more than enough reason for veteran players to come and kill them........ free ec's free safety stones free pvp medals to complete their production achievements.

    Shortly after the closed beta of this game monster spawns were done by gm's, and was also done in aura kingdom. Grand fantasia also had weekly monster spawns which gave the players a lot of enjoyment. So my idea is basically working out a time period that works within the GM's or CM's free time to do weekly monster spawns. The bosses used could be a range from normal trial bosses on mass spawn, normal holiday event bosses to bosses like the 25 man dungeon boss Borsey.

    The rewards would be simple drops and achievement completion for players who haven't done them before or were absent during their introduction to the game.