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    Hi... I am Scarlet! Nice to meet you nab. 8)
    PLEASE Allow me first to give you a warm welcome hug. 8o

    Read below to know more about my nabness: :)<3

    :thumbup: I love talking to people.

    ;) Sometimes I get crazy xD. I love making friends. Of course true friends stays longer for me. I love everyone no matter what.

    :) I believe it is better to be honest to someone than not. I am open to others if they need help about in real life problems.

    :*<3 I have a goal to become a nurse someday. The reason why I chose to become a nurse is because I want to help people which is one of my passion. If I become a nurse, not only will I treat the patient as patient only but also as my own family. When I graduate, I want to help my family throughout my life. I have a passion.

    <3<3<3I want to bring positive environment no matter how bad a situation is. I believe every problem has its own solution. I know myself that I can find a solution to a problem.

    :thumbup:I can speak and understand 3 languages. I studied French during my high school years.

    :thumbup:<3:!:I love golden retrievers. I love Korean songs. I love Korean barbecue. Yes, I'm addicted lol.

    :) I am a busy person as well. I am currently studying but when I have free time I will help others of course.

    :) Happiness is important for me.

    <3:)"If you have the power to make someone happy today, do it. The world needs more of that." - marcandangel <3:)

    WAIT... I am not done yet. Want to know more about me? Come talk to me in EE Discord :D Or maybe you can catch my nab char in-game :P

    > Hello, I am going to host an in-game Hide and Seek event 25 Rounds on September 19, 2018 Wednesday Berlin Time at 10:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to join!

    > Salut, je vais faire un cache-cache en 25 manches le 19 septembre 2018 à 10h00 (Heure de Berlin). Tout le monde est invité !!!

    > Hallo, ich werde ein in-game Versteckspiel-Event mit 25 Runden am 19. September 2018 um 22 Uhr (deutsche Zeit) starten.

    Jeder ist herzlich willkommen!

    > Hello, ako po ay maghohost ng Hide and Seek event 25 rounds sa Setyember 19, 2018 Miyerkules Berlin Time at 10:00 p.m. Lahat ay pwedeng sumali!

    > Hola, voy a organizar un evento de escondite de 25 rondas el 19 de septiembre de 2018, miércoles a las 10:00p.m. ¡Todos son bienvenidos a unirse!

    Bienvenue dans cet évent de dessin de votre personnage!
    -Date de début et heure : 1 aout 2018 à 12h00 -Date de fin et heure : 31 aout 2018 à 23h59 (durée de 1 mois) [GMT de Berlin ] N’oubliez pas de le convertir dans votre GMT

    1°) Prendre une capture d’écran zoomer de votre personnage (Plein écran et sans cacher l’interface). Le nom de votre personnage DOIT être visible.
    2°) Dessiner l’apparence de votre personnage (Cela inclus les costumes) à partir de la capture d’écran. Vous pouvez bien sure le faire en couleur.
    3°) Merci de dessiner votre personnage comme il est dans votre capture d’écran, cela n’a pas besoin d’être parfait à 100% ! Par exemple : S’il est assis, dessinez le assis. N’oubliez pas de rester le PEGI 13 !
    4°) Vous devez le faire à la main seulement. Pas de programme, de dessinateur online etc.
    5°) Prenez votre dessin en photo avec un téléphone, appareil photo etc. et poster le pour participer.
    6°) N’oubliez ! 1 participations par compte SEULEMENT !! 1 dessin par personnage. Cela sera vérifier.

    Si vous avez bien compris les règles sois bien sûre de pas oublier de participer !
    >Pts bonus (Option Seulement) Vous pouvez dessiner tout ce qui se trouver dans la capture d’écran. Par exemple : Le familier, les étoiles, les pierres, les arbres etc !!

    3 conditions pour participer
    1°) La capture d’écran de votre personnage (Sans cacher l’interface).
    2°) Votre dessin (Sinon comment on juge :’( )
    3°) Les informations suivantes :

    >Nom de compte

    >Nom du personnage
    >Date de votre dessin

    Lieux pour participer :
    Venez participer via le discord

    Cliquez sur le lien suivant :
    Rejoignez-nous :
    Si vous êtes déjà, rendez-vous sur le channel #forumevent-submissions

    Submit ONLY between August 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018

    1ère place : 100 Cristaux d’Eden
    2ème place : 50 Cristaux d’Eden
    3ème place : 25 Cristaux d’Eden

    *Les 2 gagnants seront annoncés sur le forum avec les noms de personnage, et une annonce sur le discord sera faites !

    Comment les votes seront faits
    Les GM & Modérateurs seront les juges. Ils choisiront au maximum 3 joueurs ! 1 point par joueur !
    Merci de ne pas les harceler pour qu’ils vous choisissent. Leurs votes seront seulement par rapport à votre dessin et sa qualité. Soyons fair-play !

    Que se passe-t-il en cas d’égalité
    Nous prendrons le nom des joueurs et on tirera au sort avec le bot du discord !

    PS : Soyez sûre de bien tout respecter avant de mettre votre participation. Toutes insultes/mauvaise actions sera sanctionné d’une disqualification. Faites de votre mieux ! BONNE CHANCE

    Merci! :)<3

    Eternal Guardians, welcome to the in-game character artwork event!

    Time to show your art skill!

    Starting Date & Time: August 1, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. - Ending Date & Time: August 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (1 month duration) [Berlin Time & Day Zone]

    Please convert your timezone with Berlin.

    !6 Rules!

    1. Take a good ZOOMED IN FULL SCREENSHOT of your in-game character (without hiding your UI). Your character name MUST be shown. 

    2. Draw your character's appearance (you may include costumes) from that screenshot. You may also color your character of course!

    3. Please draw your character on how it looks like from the screenshot, doesn't have to be 100% perfect! For example: if it's sitting down, draw it like that. KEEP IT APPROPRIATE AND CLEAN!

    4. Do this by hand drawn on a paper only. No computerized, programs, or online drawing.

    5. Take a photo of your artwork from your camera and upload it for submission.
    6. REMEMBER! ONE submission per account ONLY. ONE drawing for the character. It will be check.

    If you understood the rules, please make sure you submit the right items below!

    > Bonus (optional only!) You can draw anything else from the screenshot you took other than your character. For example: pet, star stones, luna stones, the place, trees, water, and so on IF you want to be more creative!

    3 Items to submit:

    1. Your ZOOMED IN FULL screenshot of your in-game character (without hiding the UI).

    2. Your drawing

    3. Label your submission:

    > Account Name

    > Character In-Game Name

    > Date of your drawing

    Location of submission:

    Submit these in our Eden Eternal International Discord

    Click this link:


    If you joined already -> Go to #forumevent-submissions channel and submit there!
    Submit ONLY between August 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018.

    Ranked Prizes: (3 players total)

    1st place: 100 Eden Crystals

    2nd place: 50 Eden Crystals

    3rd place: 25 Eden Crystals


    Announcements of winners will be posted on our discord.

    How does voting work?

    Game Masters and Moderators will be the judges.

    They can choose maximum of 3 players who has the best artwork! 1 point per player!

    Please DO NOT beg or force them to vote you. Their votes SHOULD only based from your artwork, no favoritism (like you should be voted only because they're your bestfriend, boyfriend/girlfriend, and etc...). Let's stay fair to others.
    What if there's a tie?

    We will raffle the names of those players who got the tie scores using our Random Picker Bot from our discord!

    Note: Please make sure you followed everything from the above BEFORE you submit your entry. Anything inappropriate actions and/or words will result in removing your entry. Remember just try your best! Have fun and show your skill! Goodluck!

    ~Thank you for joining! <3 :)

    Submissions + Winners

    1st Place - Ren1

    2nd place - Nis

    3rd Place - Francheep