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    Sorry to say, but you have really NO idea what items should be put in altar, really, really.

    This list you did put up is completly ridiculous!

    Racials Items??? really?

    POD items? really???

    Those should never go in an altar.

    and so many items from quests and map drops that are complete useless.

    Please please, Get GMs together first and write a list of acceptabe items to put up on an altar . They should be able to do that. do a meeting, do some brainstorming. Work together and I am sure you can get a good list, not this ridicoulous one.

    Last time GMs tried to do that, it took 3-4months, and when they came, most were bugged , and no better then the previous ones, or, they were 'cheatable' ones, like the wall altars.

    What we need is simply that you stop picking altars from 4-5 years ago, with old stuff.

    And that you pay attention to rotation, so all types of items comes from time to time.

    Can't the CM simply like, pick up a list of 30-40 altars from the pas and ask GMs to tell you which are good and which are not? if they dont know the order or even if you will put one up, it's not giving them any advantage I think.

    Hi CM again.

    There are many items that have not appeared in altar since ages, meaning they have dissapeared from game.

    Would be a nice Xmas gift if your could choose altars with them.


    - Cosmetic Set (look is always important in game)

    - Pet Unbind Stone.

    - Pick axe 45

    - Crystal ba.lls 30 and 60 ( to get all addict gamers their TOF)

    - Many star stones and luna stones (but NOT the 3% ones please, no one uses them any more when you have 7%)

    - Many dyes colors. Since one year, its almost always the same colors rotating. So, extinct colors are: Dark red Cloth, Eggplant Cloth and Head, Amythyst Cloth and Head, Coral Cloth. Leaf Green and Scarlet Red (its Xmas colors!!) PLEASE make sure they are costumes color (with a star on the icon) and not outfits colors (no stars on icon)

    - Coronas 90 !!!!! This one is really the most used that is missing. No one gonna want to craft with a 15% chance, so we need this % booster.

    TY again for helping us.

    I also hope you will consider getting us a 3-tier, and maybe some tiers better then the very bad ones we been having since a year. Those tier are like 3 years in the past and only EC are worth grabbing in them.

    I used to spend lotsa AP there, but now, nothing is worth spending on web at all :(

    Thanks for the real nice altars we been having so far.

    But now, we again are back to repeat altars, 3 days of same as last week now.

    Can you continue the good work of getting us changing altars?

    There's a lot of good altars from the past, it should not be hard to just put them on the roll.

    PLease new CM, no one has told you that in Aeria, having new altar, is VERY ABSOLUTELY Vital to the game?

    Almost all items only comes from altar.

    You cant buy them on web, cant get them from EP, or AP.

    So if altar does not change, and have varied items, it means stuff in EE simply goes death.

    and thats is exactly what is happening right now.

    So many items have just dissapeared. no one has any to sell.

    People cant buy stars, or Luna, or prime gathering tool, or mounts, or ... almost all stuff needed in game !!!


    I am pretty sure the PM will not read the forum, but I hope a GS will forward this to him/her:

    Dear PM, let me explain to you why rotating altar in Eten Eternal is vital to the game.

    In fact, its pretty simple to understand. About 80% of items people may want in game only comes from altar.

    You can't buy them with AP, you can't buy t hem with EP.

    You need to win it in altar or buy from someone that won it.

    Since altar rotation has not change in a month now, there are many items that are pretty much extinct.

    Dye colors, costumes, mondane stuff.

    no rotation = no new items = game dying even more.