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    my reason for stay playing, because i need a place to vent up things i cant done normally, in IRL.

    and i'm type of player who only play 1 RPG-genre game, each time, only leaving to find a new ones if any of this 2 situation happen :
    1. game server closed
    2. there major cheat, which literally ruin the gameplay (ie. cheat engine case from rising force online or seal online in past), with no active resolving attempt from publisher/developer

    fortunately, since march 2015, any of those scenario above never happen, worst case just in game bug that resolved by server's rollback around 1 year ago.

    Best looking with that Path of Destiny, more gold and treasure when the dice are good. Well placing the chess piece on various locations on the map, if not the dice will cause different kinds of events to occur.

    Well thats all for now, i have a literally on this future, working on gold GG

    with decent amount of Twist Of Fate Tools and Chance Refill Pouch/Remote Control Dice, "good dice number" and tons of "treasure" is guaranteed.

    nice videos hope u can put all lv 75 trials too ^^

    here your request, a comprehensive guide of 75 Trials with Eden Crystals drop classes. Enjoy :thumbup:

    check the video description for more infos related notes in videos

    1st major problem that need to solve is, web client, it's often corrupted.

    as total outsider, there is slight chance they know about forum or discord, hence access to #information client is almost zero.

    We've made in-depth guide for DOD, details are written in the video description, it contains monster counts and mechanisms to do S+ run, with 2 carries, in every DOD map.

    You can check the videos in :

    check the video description for more infos related notes in videos