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    It doesn't sum up anything and makes nothing clearer. Yes, you do need to state it because nothing makes sense.

    It proves more than yours will in YEARS.

    Too much stupidity will blow your "cover" of being an "educated adult".

    Also which cover?

    What did I say earlier again?

    About being a sore loser and people posting stuff faster because they know when the event will start?

    Unlike you, who apparently can't even see a picture below a response, people aren't blind and pick one of the first things they see that matches the description.

    Feast your mind on the knowledge of rational thinking and logic.

    People like you are the biggest reason why this game can't flourish.

    They blame everything on others, say everything is biased/based on favoritism or "rigged" (Insider, don't worry).

    You're still just an uneducated child.

    Oh my, some very "good" points.

    1st. He posted a picture of the soupbowl and put the "soup, gimme soup" likely as a reference or insider joke. But good to know that "only dumb & stupid & retarded" people don't know soup has no shape, while you are obviously blind.

    1st A. I understand that your problem is the name "Quizzle", instead of the "correct" term? Aka a name for fun which EVERYONE who isn't everything you stated in your 1st. could understand.

    2nd. "Same people keep on winning" ... yeah, that's what happens if you react fast. It's open every monday, latest tuesday if Yamea gets delayed for some reason. Not hard to check then is it? Also "buddies event only"? You do know that GM need to be unbiased right? No? Now you know.

    3rd. Why confirm if x item/thing is at y Coordinates? The term is what she is looking for, not the Coordinates. Otherwise that would be stated so, would it not?

    4th. In what sense has it gone haywire? It makes people actively look through some older maps and discover/rediscover the maps.

    5th. As far as I can see it's only "Sh.i" who doesn't post his name and that is because this forum doesn't allow it for some reason. Additionally his username is his ingamename, thus it's no problem at all.

    Lastly I assume you're just a sore loser. Instead of being like: "Oh shoot, gotta try harder next time, was fun to explore/rediscover these old maps I never go to anymore..." which, I assume, is the real purpose, you immediately start insulting people for doing whats necessary for the event. Why look around for hours if the answer can be so simple? That's like not seeing the forest for all the trees, if that saying exists in english as well.

    That's all, next time don't use so many caps and insults, it doesn't make you look very ... let's say educated.

    Level 78 items/boxes (Eloise Plains)

    -Age Wood Armor Chest

    -Crusader Armor Box

    -Dragon Scale Armor Box

    Level 78 items/boxes (Durango Kingdom)

    -Light Prism Armor Box

    -Amethyst Armor Box

    -Governor Armor Box

    Since I don't want to be a rip-off, here is the original link.

    Since I myself have looked for those armor boxes all over and asked both peer and staff multiple times instead of using google where there surprisingly was a list I thought to "repost" it here, since people are more likely to look here first.

    Level 43 items/boxes (Golden Plains)

    -Amber Armor Box

    -Gilded Armor Box

    -Lost Armor Box

    Level 48 items/boxes (Arid Wilds)

    -Desert Thief Armor Box

    -Beast Bone Armor Box

    -Cursed Armor Box

    Level 48 items/boxes (Delphi Forest)

    -Black Iron Armor Box

    -Prismatic Armor Box

    -Holy Light Armor Box

    Level 53 items/boxes (Blackflame Peak)

    -Black Chain Armor Box

    -Cross Armor Box

    -Lament Armor Box

    Level 53 items/boxes (Decay Swamp)

    -Dirty Armor Box

    -Adventuret Armor Box

    -Doom Armor Box

    Level 58 and 60 items/boxes (Highlands)

    -Heirloom Armor Box

    -Ancient Magic Armor Box

    -Hero Soul Armor Box

    Level 63 items/boxes (Witchcraft Forest)

    -Sealed Armor Box

    -Steel Armor Box

    -Crystal Armor Box

    Level 63 items/boxes (Shiver Peak)

    -Emerald Thorn Armor Box

    -Frozen Earth Armor Box

    -Permafrost Armor Box

    Level 68 items/boxes (Death Valley)

    -Sealed with a Curse Armor Box

    -Not to Scale Armor Box

    -Beastly Burden Armor Box

    Level 68 items/boxes (Tempest Cliff)

    -Jade Seal Armor Box

    -Shattered Flower Armor Box

    -Chained Lock Armor Box

    Level 73 items/boxes (Searing Valley)

    -Ancient Hard Shell Armory Chest

    -Cocoon Armory Chest

    -Spirit Armory Chest

    Level 73 items/boxes (Devastation Realm)

    -Fiery Armory Chest

    -Spines Armory Chest

    -Skeletal Armory Chest

    Light Armor

    Awaken Fantasy Frontier Set

    Fame Shop Light Armor: Eva/Cast-SPD set


    2-Piece-Effect: Cast Speed +120
    3-Piece-Effect: Skill MP-Cost -80, AGI +90, 4% chance of triggering a double hit.
    : M-crit-Rate +240, Move SPD +5%, Malice -8%

    Awaken Fantasy Frontier Scroll I (body/gloves)

    Cost: 1875 Gold

    - Toroto the Third's Wrist Joint: May be obtained by Toroto the Third in Vilespire Temple Trial (Level 80)

    - Moonlight Wolfram: May be obtained by gathering with a level 70 Pickaxe in guild town

    - Colourful Nimbus Cloth: Can be bought for 2000 Crystal Cross Medals from Jarroda (X:438, Y:351)

    Awaken Fantasy Frontier Scroll I (boots, crown, belt)

    Cost: 1875 Gold

    - Collect Lightweave Leather: Buy "Enchantable Leather" from "Earl Edmans" (Level 80 Trial NPC; X: 464, Y: 334) for 1500 Valencia Medals and combine it with 10 Warstones by Fusion (rightclick)

    - Arrons's Peritoneum: May be obtained by defeating Arrons in Eloise Plains

    - Golden String: May be obtained by defeating Liarro in Rose Temple Trial (Level 80)


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