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    Ummm. No? Because there are TWO sentences in the description. See;

    So it says that this skill both HEALS and BUFFS the party members within 15 feet. That's why I pointed out the first sentence by writing it down completely. But it doesn't heal party members like I say. I tried thousand of times. It just heals you then gives the aura to party members. To it's indeed a misinformation.

    So I realised this thread after finding out the error with Sage skill, Aura: Hammer Friend. Even though it literally says "All party members within 15 feet are healed over xxx HP" it doesn't heal party members, it only heals you. It's annoying to see that kind of misinformation in the game and it should be easy to change that description, right? Why nobody deals with those descriptions at least? So we can play according to real informations. :')