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    Eternal Guardians, listen to my story.

    Very prominent among the early regular buccaneers was a man who came to be called Jesse the Great. This man seems to have been one of those adventurers who were beat up by Roger the Pirate. 1992 on the Strait of Malacca Jesse the Great died. His ship was never found. I went to the Strait of Malacca to look for his ship and to call his treasures mine. 27 years later, I suceeded and found the old shipwreck from Jesse the Great. All I found was an old, dusty book well locked in a chest.

    In the book I found treasure maps. Treasure maps, where Jesse the Great buried valuable items or properties.

    Today, Eternal Guardians, I will be reading it to you. But be aware, to solve those riddles, you will need keen senses.

    The book contains only the following maps:

    - Aven

    - Limestone Mtn.

    - Tranquil Hill

    - Rainbowfall Forest
    - Goss Mountains
    - Beluga Bay
    - Wetlands
    - Valley of Kings
    - Avila Volcano
    - Golden Plains

    Eternal Guardians, find the treasure and you will be granted it's content. Be aware there could be traps, mysteries and secrets. All good treasures are well hidden.


    Meet [GM]Jesse and find the treasure
    Thursday, 17/01/2019 beginning at 17:00 (CET) on Channel 4.

    Event Rules
    - 1 treasure was well hidden. Story of the book will be read in-game, in Buzz-Chat.
    - Story will not contain the map the treasure is on, to find out, the riddle must be solved.
    - post the exact treasure location + associated map in this thread to win
    - don't forget to include your In-Game Name
    - only one participation each Account possible
    - the first to post the correct coordinates + associated map will win

    Event starts
    Thursday, at 17:00 (CET)
    Event's Deadline
    Submissions ends with maintenance every Monday.
    Treasure Chest contains 50 Eden Crystals.

    Hiya dear community,
    I'm the new GM, nice to meet you all:!:
    I'm german (yes, another german in the GM team xD) and 22 years old. I love Dragonball Z - my biggest wish for the future is to become a Super Saiyan and save the world from bad guys with my super-powers. I love doing sports, watching animes, playing video games and cooking. Most of my free time I spend with going out with my friends.

    Why I want to be a GM is easy answered: As I've said, I love playing video games. Eden Eternal is one of the most impressive games I've ever played. The chance to play all classes with only one Character is so cool and the gameplay in general is really awesome. As many people know Eden Eternal is getting really empty and the CM and his GM team are working hard to keep it alive. And here we come to my answer: I want to help them out:!: I want to help the GM team to make Eden Eternal shine again:!: I'm sure if we all hold together, one day, Eden Eternal will be alive as back in a few years.

    I'm glad that I got the chance to be a GM and I will do my best to achieve only the best for the community:!:
    Get to know me to make your own picture:!::/