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    vio2k5, working with games is not a hobby at the same level as you playing Eden Eternal for fun. It's a job just like any other jobs. I don't know what kind of experience you had with coding, however we're talking about processional companies and people who are supposed to be competent with what they do. Sloppy codes means that the person who wrote them means they don't do the job and poor bug testing means the same. Maintaining a program consists partly of doing these two things properly. That being said, it's off topic simply because bug fixing and class balance lies in somewhere else.

    As I mentioned, reaver has a skill that reduces your accuracy to 0% no matter how much accuracy you got. It's being abused every day and has an actual influence on people's play style. It's not as bad as mecha ares + elegant dancer, but bad enough that for instance gravity manipulators have to take cover before they can attack again, reavers in 1v1 arena against each other use accessories or trophies to remove debuffs on themselves and an unfair way of negating enemy's damage output in territory war and guild elimination. Will there be a fix to this skill? Reporting players for abusing this glitch isn't a valid reason to report them, since it's been part of the reaver's kit probably since its release.

    you need to activate Scythe of Judgement 1st, in order to remove Chain of Fury's cooldown, then spam it to get 2nd phase

    get it's KP filled for extra boost

    This is not entirely correct as Scythe of Judgement only halves Chain of Fury's cooldown. The reason why Chain of Fury sometimes does not let you cast its stage 2 skill may be caused by two factors. The first one being that you missed. Stage 2 will only be usable if you land at least one successful hit. The second factor is that you killed the monster with one hit. If that happens, you'll have to wait for Chain of Fury to refresh before being able to cast it again.

    Class balance


    The strongest way to play rifleteer in pvp is to abuse Holy Illusory Phantom's mundane effect as it does not grant enemy players immunity. As crowd control effects, such as stun and fear, in this game are such vastly strong effects, rifleteer gains an enormously big advantage in pvp as it prevents enemy players from casting skills for 3 seconds. Especially in arena rifleteers deal so much damage that leaving them alone in many cases is the same as serving their team a free win on a silver plate, and by being prevented from using your skills on them all you'll have to do as for instance a blade master is to swap to your shield and tank as much damage as you can for the next 10 seconds, which is when Holy Illusory Phantom runs out. 10 seconds in arena and generally in any fast pace combat games is a lot. After that there's very high chance that the rifleteer will cast a regular Illusory Phantom, meaning that you'll be mundaned for another 3 seconds. In a worst case scenario where you haven't used any arena potions, he or she will knock you down for another 3 seconds. That's a total of 19 seconds of mundane, knockdown excluding stuns from Staggering Blow II certificate and transformations and negative status effects from trophies from one single person. This is actually a reality if you play reaver against a rifleteer as all you can do is either ranged normal attacking it or swap to shield and tank damage.


    Reaver is one of the most broken classes in the game, one of the reasons being a bug that's already been mentioned that'll reduce enemy players' accuracy to 0%. This can be used to negate devastating shots from gravity manipulators, Thunder Burst from conjurers and Pitchblack Impact that otherwise would kill you with one single cast. In addition to that the skill with this bug is a 30 meter aoe and it's so large that it forces gravity manipulators to stand away from the reaver by a significant distance to be able to dodge this aoe attack.

    Holy Shadow Stealth and Shadow Stealth combined grant 300% HP recovery over 30 seconds and if done right, you'll have a 10 second cooldown before the next 30 seconds of enormous HP recovery starts again. The fact that each buff is a heal over time buff where 10% HP is recovered per second, makes reaver become most likely the best self sustained class in the game and it's so strong that I personally call it overpowered and unfair. That comes from a reaver main, by the way.


    A big portion from this class' power level comes from its ability to maintain MP in order to keep its toggle skills, two of them being as close to necessary as you may call them, being Soul Flare and Final Judgement. Final Judgement alone drains 4% MP a second and together with Soul Flare that's already 9% every second. There's nothing in the game that's able to efficiently keep up this class' MP to allow it to be an efficient damage dealer. The class overall without these two toggle skills also needs a face lift and maybe surgery and make over too.

    Physical damage dealing classes generally deal less damage than magic damage dealing classes, so classes such as executioner as mentioned, rakshasa, blood knight and trainer severely suffers from lack of potential damage output possibility.


    Conjurer's fear skill Haunted Thunder lasts 5 seconds, while its holy skill counterpart lasts 6 seconds. It's possible to chain these two skills for a 10-11 second long chain of fear, which is really, really long. Rifleteer has a mundane skill that is a lot less effective in the sense that players may dodge it by simply not attacking the rifleteer while against a conjurer target player cannot escape. As 10 seconds is actually a significant amount of time, this fear chain that can be created by one single person may be a little too much.

    Last but not least, this game doesn't have support classes that are capable of supporting their party, keeping it alive and have access to utilities that can protect a support player's party. While we got awaken thief and infusions, the only addition to the support class rooster is paladin, however its Blessing Aura and Diving Shield are too inconsistent.

    Feedback to game masters

    Forbidden Classes In TW Forum Thread

    Last year on July the 29th GM Yamea created a forum thread informing that playing mecha ares and elegant dancer in one and same party in TW and GvG is now not allowed (or "banned") due to a glitch that was not explained. Most players who play TW and have felt the effect of this mecha + ed combo on their body know what it's about, however it was also stated that "There will be a correction of that glitch soon". It was been over 5 months since this post was created and I would like to request an update regarding the process of this fix.

    On the 21st I was given a warning by a French GM for sending a world call consisting of 2 words written in caps lock. The warning was written in French, a language I don't speak nor understand. My next world call consisted of 4 words written with caps lock as I got my second warning without being explained how much use of capital letters actually is allowed in this game. A clarification on in game rules article 1.5 is appreciated.

    Game rules

    There are rules that in my opinion could be rewritten and I have also included suggestions to a rewrite.

    Article 1.4 : It’s forbidden to harass someone with abusive/offensive messages.

    It’s possible to harass without using abusive and/or offensive messages. To send links to video websites promoting hate against a group of humans that includes the receiver of these messages may be considered as a harassment as well as simple use of irony. By rewriting this article to the following: “It’s forbidden to harass or discriminate based on, but not limited to, race, religion, gender or any national original.”

    Article 2.1 : World chat is made for marketing, guild or party recruitment, in-game events, and questions about the game. Other chat (that is not related to the listed above) are not allowed. This will help players respect their chat while selling, buying, trading, recruiting, hosting event/s, and/or asking for help (related in-game).

    Recently a player was given a warning by executing a give away of various items. This was according to a GM whose name I will not reveal, a violation the game rules’ article 2.1. The mentioned player’s give away may be considered as a player hosted event which also is a way of contributing to our Eden Eternal community. In addition to this, world chat is one of the better ways for players for interact with each other across all 3 peers. The give away that I mentioned is one of these types of interactions. Short chats that happen from time to time is another and these interactions again contribute in good ways to our community. Limiting one of our ways to each out lower or higher levelled players across peer outside any guilds or parties conflicts with what as many players and myself consider as the purpose the world chat as a whole, namely interacting with others across peers.

    According to article 2.1, questions that can be made are limited to Eden Eternal in game related questions only. This may be unfortunate as Gamigo’s Terms of Use opens for use of third parties such as social media. Discord is probably at this point of time Aeria Game’s most important community platform for Eden Eternal and disallowing players to ask about Discord is against the purpose of the above article. By opening world chat to for instance party recruitment and not something that can be related to Discord or even technical questions that can be answered by IT literate players is unfortunate. The game is in a state where world chat works very well and should in my opinion be as it is. Don’t limit players from hosting their own events, that’s a bad move.

    Article 2.2: It’s important (but not mandatory) to wait 2 minutes between each message from the same player. Spamming is NOT ALLOWED.

    Article 2.3 : Peer chat is the symbol of the freedom of expression. All subject of talk are allowed, except if they are against the rules (like insulting someone, or selling an account for example).

    These two articles in a way go against each other. With freedom of expression it goes against article 2.3’s purpose by article 2.2 stating that it’s important to wait minutes between each message from the same player. In addition to that, article 2.2 does not state what channel its rule applies to and what “spamming is defined as” with regards of article 2.3.

    Article 4.1 : It’s forbidden to use a bug for malicious purposes.

    There are bugs that are not malicious yet gives the abusive player an edge over others or an extra benefit for their own self. It may be to enter Sky Tower several times a day with a single character or access areas in which one is not supposed to be able to access. Is Gamigo okay with that?

    Article 4.4 : Dual-boxing (aka dual-clienting) is allowed, but under these circumstances...

    > Multi-clienting is allowed only for gathering/booth purposes.

    Aeria Games’ and today’s Gamigo Terms of Use restrict each player to max 5 accounts. As Gamigo does not prohibit, but advise against sharing accounts and disallows selling accounts, it’s to be assumed that each player may have and play up to 5 accounts. By stating how many accounts can be used at one time in article 4.4 it’ll clear up confusion among players as well as preventing players from getting banned from any potential systems that will prevent more than 5 accounts logged on the same IP-adress or Internet system.

    Article 5.2: The purchase/sale, or anything related, is reduced to a message between 5-10 minutes.

    This game rule is difficult to enforce and essentially no players have been sanctioned for violating article 5.2. Removal of a rule that has not yet been enforced may be considered.


    Eden eternal is almost 10 years old and there's something that I bet most players in this game would benefit a lot from, which is game optimization. According to the recommended specifications for this game, it's recommended to have a 3.0 GHz Intel Premium 4 or similar, 2 GB of memory and a NVIDIA GeForce FX6600. For some reason it's recommended to have at least 4 GB of hard drive space or more even if the game files already will use more than 10 GB of your hard drive, but in this case that doesn't really matter. With hardware that is more than capable of playing any other game with the very lowest settings, it for some reason isn't enough to run Eden Eternal smoothly with for instance skill animations turned on and using the recommended specifications states in Aeria Games' Official Website totally isn't even close to enough to play this game with the standard of game performance that you would expect now (that is for instance to not crash litterarily 1 minute after relaunching the game or getting mount shader glitches). I should also mention that there is some writing errors in the chart below minimum system requirements.


    There are many bugs and text errors in this game and the ones I remember I will list below. Disclaimer: I may be wrong, but I'm doing my absolute best to remember exactly what trustworthy people I've spoken to have told me as well as doing testing for myself.

    - I'm going to bold this one out because it's absolutely massive and is one that nobody who uses reaver does not abuse if they pvp with this class: Chain of Fury's Combo Skill: Stage 2 reduces accuracy down to 0% no matter what. I've tested this on a GM with so much accuracy that it's physically impossible for any regular player to achieve- over 350% accuracy, and their accuracy was reduced to 0% right away.

    - Bloodthirst Fanatic Cape item description: Normal attacks have a 3% chance of triggering a Triple hit.

    Comments: Both skills and normal attacks trigger this effect, as well as "Triple" is written with capital T.

    - Dark Impulse Cape's item description: Normal attacks have a 3% chance of triggering a Triple hit.

    Comments: Both skills and normal attacks trigger this effect, as well as "Triple" is written with capital T.

    - Holy Mori Mori's Mocus: Attacking has 5% chance to trigger its effect.

    Comments: The chance to trigger its effect is 3%.

    - Holy Kasin's Temple Discipline: G-Healing +422

    Comments: This is P-Healing effect, not G-Healing.

    - Holy - Kenny's Black Flame Stone: Attacking has 15% chance to cancel 2 random positive enemy status effects.

    Comments: Chance of effect is 10%

    - Eunice's Bugle: Attacking has 4% chance to trigger triple hit effect.

    Comments: This is a double hit effect.

    - Holy Moon Luster True Katana: Attacking has 4% chance to trigger a triple hit effect.

    Comments: This is a double hit effect and "Triple" is written with capital T.

    - Holy - Frozen Touch: Normal attacks have 3% chance to trigger a triple hit effect.

    Comments: Both normal attacks and skills trigger the effect.

    - Holy - Skull Cutter: Normal attacks have 3% chance to trigger a triple hit effect.

    Comments: Both normal attacks and skills trigger the effect.

    - Oathblade Necklace: Attacking has 5% chance to reduce P-ATK and M-ATK by 10%

    Comments: It was either P-ATK or M-ATK is not affected by this negative status effect meanwhile its orange rarity counterpart works as it should.

    - Some costume items can't be archived and I am not certain if this issue has been fixed yet. 3 years ago I archived my Rose Magic Accordion (Prime) and it turned into a Viridian Crescent Moon (Legendary) in my archive. I couldn't reclaim it from my archive so I was sent a new accordion costume by the game staff team. Since then I still have the non existent viridian crescent moon back costume in my archive. In addition to that a few legendary star stones or rocks can yet not properly be archived without vanishing.

    - Some tower gems don't have good enough effect description. According to the descriptions, 1H Gem: Infernal Soul and Off-Hand Gem: Ancient Demon have a chance to each trigger their effect by attacking. They also have a chance to be triggered by casting skills, which is not stated in game.

    - Sky Tower level 75 dungeon instance, located in Aven, can be entered multiple times a day by abusing a glitch, even if all party members have left the dungeon instance. All you require is at least two characters that still have an entry to Sky Tower and the party leader must be at least level 73 or 75 while the second character must be at least level 65. Once these two characters have entered Sky Tower, the party leader must exit Sky Tower which can be done by talking to the NPC at the bottom of each level, open up the party search feature by pressing J, expand "Normal", recruit for "Aven Unlimited" and click on "Recruit!". Players can now join this party by double clicking the new link posted in peer channel. After the party leader has re-entered Sky Tower, the rest of his or her party members can also access Sky Tower again directly from <Sky Tower Host> Giardo.

    - Sage skill Hammer of Inspiration does not recover MP.

    - Does True Grit actually remove all buffs, or is there a limit?

    - Blade Master's Oneiric Sword has a significant chance to miss its knock down status effect on enemy player. For some reason it deals damage, but does not knock them down.

    - Thief and inquisitor class passives are bugged, as well as inquisitor's sickleshot P-ATK and M-ATK passives. I've heard from others but am not sure about this, but according to them anuran's cleric racial (G-HEAL passive) is also bugged and does not work.

    - Before all arenas start and finish, including monster battle arena, the game glitches out and it may take up to half a minute until it stops glitching out. During this time it's not possible to cast any skills, talk to NPC and also not open certain windows such as arena. Exactly after the count down for territory war and guild elimination ends, there is around 3 to 5 seconds to wait until players can actually enter the battlefield outside their safe zones as well as moving between their two safe zones using portals.