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    My term; blue... bals.. (or bombs but that's boring)

    My name; ...I... I can say a lot here but you know, nah, my name is bomb

    How fun. All I see is people winning fair and square by getting it right, nobody knows what the GM is choosing, we don't know what the terms are. We take pictures while in the map, and we send them, whether we win or not is completely up to chance? Some people are faster than others at guessing because they were maybe already in the map, or good loading times after the Event gets announced in-game. You're pulling out numbers? There's five chances of winning.

    7glove; 1 win.

    Shougunii; 1 win.

    Orpheo; 2 wins.

    xTine; 1 win.

    Ren1; 2 wins.

    Stoi; 5 wins.

    Tiidz; 1 win.

    IMango; 1 win.

    stalvin; 2 wins.

    You; 1 win.

    Yu; 1 win.

    Me; 3 wins.

    Zexion; 2 wins.

    Psions; 2 wins.

    Erebus; 1 win.

    KiaM; 1 win.

    llaurick; 1 win.

    AngelA; 1 win.

    AbbyRem; 1 win.

    Pink; 1 win.

    What exactly are you trying to say here, how could there be favoritism. You just showed me 5 terms, for 7 quizzles. Which is 35 chances of winning.

    Now, you can be fast, and still guess wrong, look at the recent quizzle where I was second. Guessed wrong.

    Or, you can take a bit longer, wait until more options have been shown so you know not to pick those, read the forum posts by other players and if they're not the correct terms, you know not to pick those, and you can find something that will result in you winning.

    You can be fast, or be slow and careful. All I see right now, is somebody who can't handle a loss. I don't see the other people with only 1 winning term complaining, I don't see myself complaining for not getting the term right. You say history never lies? The only one with the highest wins is Stoi, and he's either playing it smart or getting lucky. You literally have 5 different chances at winning if you're fast, and if you're slow, be smart about your choice.

    History never lies. It's a whole new level of trying hard to prove something that's not true, spreading rumors. Biggest reason why the game can't flourish? Because, people that complain about the events, are usually the reason why the event STOPS. Appreciate the time the GM is putting in, to give people like you free items so YOU can flourish in-game.

    1-10 Quizzles

    50 terms.

    50 chances at winning,

    5 chances each quizzle since you only have 1 entry.

    He does have an account on EE, it's Danmaku.

    It is I, the SWARD master again.

    Here to add the class-based certificate bonusses of 2.

    Now, I have to warn this might be a long one. I will put the classes into a spoiler to shorten this post.

    I will name the certificate by name, not by bonus given by the certificate.

    All classes have 2 class specific cert bonusses. The certs bonusses are not created by certs from that class, you do need the certs of other classes to combo it with.

    Yellow classes

    Orange classes.

    Green classes.

    Blue classes.

    Purple classes.

    These are all the class-specific bonusses. If you would like for me to add more to this post, please let me know.

    Thank you for your time. c: <3

    Hello, it is I. The SWARD Master '-'

    A lot of people in our community already know a lot about class certificates, but of course there's always a part that doesn't, or isn't too familiar with it in general, this post is meant for them obviously. shhh me.

    So, let's first talk about the ones that most people should know. The 1H Weapon Master and the 2H Weapon master.

    With certs there's a lot of different options. Of course, most people usually use the 4 greens or the 4 oranges for the attack boost on whatever class they're using, which is highly suggested.

    If your class uses 2 handed weapons, then you use 4 green certs, if you use 1 handed weapons, you use 4 orange certs. The reason is in the above spoilers.

    Then, you still have room for 3 certs. Before I go into that, in the spoilers below you can see what bonus the other color certs gives you when you match 4 of them.

    Depending on what class you use, you can sometimes match 3 certs for a bonus.

    For example Revival Leaf.

    Now of course, if you're a dps player, you could be missing out on some strong certs if you try to match 3 for a small bonus.

    In my opinion, don't do that because sometimes it's easily obtainable through stats alone.

    That's why I would suggest getting a bonus of 2 of the same color.

    A bonus of 2 is almost always a stat being increased by 2%. I say almost always because sometimes if you match 2 of the same color, you can also get a class-specific bonus. Like Thief's Sprint.

    This is not suggested, but now you know it exists.

    For DPS, the best ones would be LCK, STR or AGI depending on your build. Luckily all 3 of these are easily obtained.

    You get the drill. If you use 3 different colors for the last one, chances are you're missing out on an extra 2% stat boost. If you don't have any perk but you have 2x the same color, you might want to change the certs where they basically touch, and the boost should pop up.

    There's a lot of different ways of creating your certs, but I would say, if you're a dps, always use the green or orange ones, depending on what type of weapon you use. After that, try going for the LCK +2% boost.

    Thank you for your time, even if you knew most of it already. Hopefully it could help some random person who strolled onto the forums and didn't know much about cert bonusses yet.

    I'm a bit late to this, but that's okay.

    Personally I shared your view, I didn't play and didn't know if it was worth it to come back, when I did, I didn't regret it at all, sure the playerbase is a bit smaller, 3v3 arena is still the same, territory wars are sometimes onesided battles. But, the reason why I stayed is the playerbase, even if it's not as big as it used to be, it's a close community, most people know each other regardless of their peerchat. In some way the game never really lost it's activity if you see how close the community is now (note; there's still drama, it wouldn't be EE without.)

    The game itself, well you've played it, I don't have to tell you anything about it, if you loved it back then, it might seem repetitive leveling up, but in the end you'll be back up in no time. The game has always had a special place in my heart, and that's mostly because of the community.
    Considering you already started playing, good luck on your future adventures in the game and I hope you have fun in EE.
    You can message me in-game (My char; Shi) or on Discord; Shi#7685 if you need any more information, or if you just need help.

    So I would like to see this game be overran by active members again. I also heard from some friends that private servers have been popping up in a group called Vendetta, so I would rather see people in the real game.

    Same, sadly it's not that easy. It's not up to us or the GM/CM to decide this. We need new content to bring in new players, it's harder to do if the game doesn't receive any funding for these updates/content, resulting in players leaving instead of joining. Even with advertisements, at some point you'd still lose more players. Vendetta PS does have less players than the real game. Maybe once this game receives funding we could gain a new playerbase, but for that, we'd need a bigger playerbase.

    That's where the issue lies currently.

    From looking at x-legends website I can see that they still associate themselves with this game. Isn't there some way of applying a little pressure towards x-legends to revisit this game to add some fixes at least. I realize working on old projects can be tedious especially when you're excited about new ones, however this game is still very buggy and I would assume it does not provide much in a way of adding to their reputation in a good way.

    if this game was in better shape, some advertising could be done again to bring in more players to get some fresh meat and build on the current player base.

    The problem with that is that they don't see any money in this game currently, and in their eyes it's too much of a risk to put money into it. Resulting in the loop of
    >Game needs funding

    >Game only receives funding with higher playerbase

    >No new updates so playerbase lessens

    >Game needs funding for updates.


    Even if their reputation was already good. Creating a better one takes time, together with imo a good CM working on the game as best as he can, while also juggling real life things. I think the game is doing good on surviving.

    Hopefully in the future xlegend will change their mind.