Mimic Class Thread and Arcane box (Solo players)

  • I designed this thread because Im a solo player in Eternal Eden, means I prefer to solo most of the time.

    One problem I found was, some of the items in the higher level tier shops, to get to them needs a party which is not fair to some players like myself whom prefer to be alone. This is because of the rules which the daily quest only accepts from cleared dungeon 10/10 and not from 2/2. Also, its like a daily and to get the item (Gold) that the NPC gives takes a lot of time. I don't think this is fair at all. It should be allowed to accept the 2/2 dungeon types as well.

    Thing is I like farming for items, is it possible to request 2/2 and change it to 5/5 instead? and make the 10/10 gets more drop rate (2x) and more experience (maybe 2x) or CP experience.

    Part I
    Arcane box crafting :D

    Since we can collect 5 blue items to change it to 1 purple, is it possible to make a table to change the purple into Gold / Orange rarity as well? with given special random abilities (lol) this will be super fun to experiment.

    5 purple items, exchange to Gold rarity (maybe it sustain the core stats, atk-matk.. but it add-on more durability +100 and a special random ability, like triggered when attack 5%, get heals etc. and its random, and can only do once. meaning if they exchange it into Gold rarity, then the item becomes permanent and cannot be changed anymore. It just stuck with the random ability. Just to keep the game interesting. Also Item are not bound, meaning they can trade it.

    5 purple items and a few catalyst, exchange to Orange rarity is also good, and also give a special random ability like above but a bit less boring ones. just one good thing it doesn't have durability problems. also items are not bound after exchanging in arcane box to make trading more interesting in game.

    can start with items of higher tiers level 70 +

    Part II

    Mimic as a solo class 8)

    I was quite excited when mimic class was first invented, but it should be simplified and designed for anti-social players (such like myself). One thing we have problems is to build the perfect class. Meaning all rounder tanker, healer and dps.

    But not too overpowered of course.

    Maybe introduce an Advance Mimic class like specialist in tanking which boast about high HP. like when we change to that class it gives us additional 50-100% hp. because some bosses can do one hit kill to us. LOL :D how to solo that?

    To test the Mimic class, try using normal orange items with normal upgrades (+3) and from there try to figure out how to solo the bosses, even land bosses. this should give an idea on how to make the Advanced Mimic class. making them stronger, faster and better.

    Also, if possible reduce the costs of purchasing the mimic skill scrolls in Aven from currently 25 crystal cross to 5 crystal cross

    That is some ideas, thank you for reading :D