Forbidden Class Combination in TW & GvG

  • Heya, Eternal Guardians!

    Using the Mecha Ares class in combination with the Elegant Dancer class is from now on forbidden. These 2 classes can create an extremely unfair glitch.
    Of course we will not go into details how this glitch works. 8o
    We decided to not ban both classes completely from Territory War & Guild vs Guild, since we know You guys love to play them and they are very common in use.
    You can play Mecha Ares and Elegant Dancer in Territory War & Guild vs Guild all You like but not both together in a party, so You could use the glitch.

    Simple: Mecha Ares class + Elegant Dancer class in a party in Territory War or Guild vs Guild =
    We forbid to create a party where both of these classes are in.
    Those caught using the glitch or those using the classes in a party will be banned for 90 days.

    Be aware that"I didn't see the Post or System Message" will not be a defense. 0 Tolerance. We allow to play the classes, so please don't abuse our trust to You guys.
    During these events, GM's will be online. CM and higher will be put on notice. There will be a correction of that glitch soon, please be patient for it.

    Thank you for your understanding.