Good to know

    • Every 2 hours from level 40 at Goth in Aven (X: 345, Y: 265) You can get a box with free Eternal Points in it! Get them always! You'll need Eternal Points later, like sand on the sea and be forever grateful for this tip!

    • Professor Koss in Aven (X: 305, Y: 375) gives a huge EXP boost every hour from Level 30 to Level 75 for an hour! Get it as long as You can!

    • Morlin in Aven (X: 395, Y: 465) gives a Fortune Slip every 4 hours inside it there is a Daily Fortune and this gives you random for yellow, orange, green, blue, or purple classes 10% "JP" For 4 hours, get that one! ("JP" is a typo and means "CP")!

    • Bucco and Conan in Aven (X: 395, Y: 465) have the Scrolls to get awakened Equipment! Remember that if You want awakened Equipment first talk to Bucco and buy the Rare Sprite Scrolls and then talk to Conan to get the Star Sprite Scrolls. You will not be able to open Conan's Star Sprite Scrolls unless You have not finished the Rare Sprite Scrolls from Bucco!

    • Wee Rowan in Aven (X: 435 Y: 380) once a day gives a Masquerade, Youthful or Holiday Chest coupon for 36 Honor Stars, which you will exchange with Kimoso next to Wee Rowan for a Masquerade, Youthful or Holiday Warrior Chest in this Chest then there is one of the listed items on the coupons!

    • The loyalty shop resets (usually) every Thursday at 6 p.m (Berlin Time)

    • The normal reset in EE (reset dungeons, altar, everything else) is 6 a.m (Berlin Time)

    • The quest scrolls to awaken classes are buyable at Yukari in Aven, which stands to the right of Goth (X: 345, Y: 265). The class You choose to awaken has to be Level 80 and the quest scroll costs 1,000 gold!
      Tip: If You don't know what to awaken first, get the Mecha Ares (Engineer) and an Adjudicator (Cleric). The Mecha Ares is the best for farming later and with an Adjudicator You will never do something wrong as when You go with Parties to DoD (see DoD - Info)

    • For Level 90 Equipment (other than crafted ones in a Guild Town and awaken ones) there are the Aven-Fame Equipments. Check the Map for those blue boxes, they are the Aven-Fame NPC's ( check PoD - Info if You want to know how to get Fame there!)

    From level 89

    The only way to get EXP from here on are not dungeons. You have to do daily quests.

    You have to do Labhart's EXP Quest in Aven (X: 210, Y: 430) (Meeryasha Daily and Ethereal Dome Daily are bugged, they do not work - don't waste time on trying)

    and the recommended Quests. You can find it pressing "P"> "Recommended Event"> scroll down> here you will find 2 "Wanted:" quests every day.
    Defeat the Dungeon bosses and sip the massive EXP!

    From level 90

    - Awaken your classes and take them to your current level
    - Get some Mana Infusion ready! (see Mana-Infusion)

    - DoD every day (see dod-info), T1 & T2 (see t1-and-t2) and TK (see temple-knights-trial), these are the 90s Dailies and you might need them!

    - Spam PoD (see path-of-destiny) if you work on a Fame Set or Honor Stars.

    - "C"> "Achievement"> "Legendary Achievements" do these. There are not so many, and it does not take too long to get them - to get really strong, you will need them.
    Exceptions here are: the weapons Achievements you do not need! If you play the staff, you do not have to do the Dagger Achievement for example.

    - If you decide to continue leveling from level 90, Labhart and recommended Quests will help You, as well as Petra Runs.
    - If Yo plan to run Petra and making business with it stay Level 90 so You get the best result when You run.