• Trick 17 gives you Safety Stones and World Calls on mass without spending even a silver on it! ~

    In Eloise Plains there is a place, a kind of fence-surrounding place where a bunch of people with guns are inside. If you kill them permanently, they'll drop Gun Powder. Similar to PoD ( see path-of-destiny ) you need a simple AoE class, the easiest and most comfortable is Mecha Ares with his skill "Automatic Missiles" .
    Just stand in the middle and farm with or without Loot Charms for an hour and just kill those Gunners for the whole hour. You can find them on X: 580, Y: 155.
    If you have collected many Gunpowder's, you will go to "Replenisher Caccphony" (X: 400, Y: 120) and take the quest with the Alpaca Golden Token and give it away, you'll do that until you have no Gunpowders left. Now you should have a bunch of the tokens. With a right-click you open the tokens and you get the Alpaca Coins, which you need to finally get your reward. <Happy Alpaca> Joankena (X: 310, Y: 630) is already waiting for you and selling you for your collected Alpaca Coins in the "Alpaca Mystery Capsule Shop" now "Copper Mystery Capsule", buy as many as possible.
    ! Remember ! There are also silver and gold, but they do not even give you the mass and, above all, they are more expensive. Here you can now randomly get lots of costumes that you can archive - unless they're already archived, then sell them - loads of class colors and what interests you: World Calls, Safety Stones, Gathering Aids, EXP - Charms and CP - Charms.

    ! Remember ! Your equipment will always break quickly. If you press "G" and hit the blue icon with the hammer, you will repair your equipment from Your guild's funds.