Information Links That You Might Need

  • Hi, here are the few links that you might want/need to go to:

    1.) Official "Eden Eternal International Discord" :

    Includes: Staff members, eternal guardian players, altar, maintenance, announcements, suggestions, feedback, giveaways, in-game events, markets, party and guild -recruitment, and more!

    2.) Eden Eternal Forum:

    3.) Eden Eternal Recipe Book (Thanks to our former [GS]Tristepin and other players who helped building this, she made this document ):

    Includes: DoD info, racials, glyphs, pets, pet's skills/pray, mana infusion, class expertise, human gems, weapons, enchants, arcane box, dgn class drops, and more!

    Note that this recipe book is not always updated. :saint:

    4.) EN Launcher (use only if you have launcher issue/s):…u9XthF0VC1a3y7ujIG-bX4qT4

    Thanks to [LGS]MiniZolt for this!

    5.) Gamigo Support (This is where you send in a ticket):

    Detail/s: You can send a ticket here through Eden Eternal. Tickets may include: problem, services, and others!

    Note: Please do not submit repeat or spam tickets with the same issue. This maybe put you at the end of the line or delays. If you need help from your ticket not being answered for a very long time, please feel free to contact a Game Master in Discord or in-game. :thumbup:

    6.) Eden Eternal Official Facebook Page:…ational-1754520601521399/

    7.) Eden Eternal Official Twitter Page:

    If you have questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us!

    Thank you! <3

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  • Great, ty

    *Salut, moi c'est Brumi.

    == • ==(Hi, I'm Brumi.)

    *Zumi bleu, qui adorent utiliser la fonction du jeu nommé "s'asseoir" à Aven.

    == • ==(Blue Zumi, who likes to use the game function named "sit down" at Aven.)

    *Je ne suis ni un GM, ni un CM mais avec l’expérience du jeu que j'ai, je peut répondre à multitudes de questions.

    == • ==(I am neither GM nor CM, but with the experience of the game I have, I can answer a multitude of questions.)