• I am pretty sure the PM will not read the forum, but I hope a GS will forward this to him/her:

    Dear PM, let me explain to you why rotating altar in Eten Eternal is vital to the game.

    In fact, its pretty simple to understand. About 80% of items people may want in game only comes from altar.

    You can't buy them with AP, you can't buy t hem with EP.

    You need to win it in altar or buy from someone that won it.

    Since altar rotation has not change in a month now, there are many items that are pretty much extinct.

    Dye colors, costumes, mondane stuff.

    no rotation = no new items = game dying even more.


  • Hey llaurick

    I actually do browse the forums now and then, though I don't have much time lately.

    Admittedly, since I took over from Morgoth end of March, nothing went smoothly. I could list various examples and reasons but will stick to the Altar topic now.

    The Altar tool wasn't functional from mid February to end of March when I uploaded a different Altar. Mid April I refreshed it again. Last week the tool decided to play up again. Earlier today I changed the Altar though. In the end, I am responsible and I take the blame. This does not mean I don't understand "business basics" though.

    We will return to the regular and reliable rotation of the Altar etc.