T1 and T2

  • Tower 1 "Sky Tower" (short: T1)

    In Aven at Giardo (X: 475 Y: 390) you can enter from level 70 T1. In T1 you get blueprints for your weapon and bodygems. To be really strong, you will need them. T1 has 50 floors.

    Floor 9, 19, 29, 39 and 49 are boss floors. It is important to check if these bosses have REF or BPB and it is very important to hit the boss at least once, if you could not catch him, you will not get his reward. Every boss drops Demon Crystals and you need them as a material to make your weapon and bodygems.

    Floor 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 are the NPC floors. Of course, 50 is the floor, with the best body and weapongems, the other floors also have great Gems so look at them too!

    Floor 16 is a PURE REF floor, don't just run useless in there, you can not reset the monsters and boss in T1.

    Important: When all party members die, you are kicked out of T1 and the run is over. You are not allowed to enter T1 again at the same day.

    Which Gems does T1 give? Check here:

    Ultimate Trick in T1: Since the stages random spawn REF monsters, you die extremely fast. The ultimate trick is to take a Sage that always stays at the entrance, because the Sage can make the party invisible and thereby reset the monsters. Pet has to be turned off and no skill should be cast when You use it - stand next to the Sage, so the monsters can be resetted and party members can be revived if necessary. So you escape the port-out problem from T1, even before all are dead!

    Tower 2 "Dreadlore Laboratory" (short: T2)

    In Meeryasha at Yvonne (X: 400, Y: 420) you can enter from level 85 T2. In T2, you also get blueprints for weapon and bodygems (the ones you do not get in T1). To be really strong, you also will need them. T2 is similar to T1, but without floors.

    T2 is permanently a single space, in the middle of it is the boss and around him the mobs. First clear the mobs before attacking the boss. In contrast to T1, you can reset the boss here, but the mobs do not and you can die in T2 as you like, you will not be kicked out.

    Also in T2 spawn REF monster so pay attention!

    If the room is cleared and the boss is the only one left, it is important to make sure that you hit at least once the boss, if you could not catch him, you will not get his reward. Each boss drops mini reactors and you need them as a material to make your weapon and bodygems.

    When You have cleared all the rooms and defeated all the bosses, there are 6 NPC's spawning in the room where you can buy your blueprints.

    This dungeon can be made only once a day, you better relog before you enter T2, because if you disconnect, you will not come back in and your chance for this day is over. Also remember not to revive in the dungeon unless you are using Locus Life Leafs this will port You out and You will be not able to go back in.

    Which Gems does T2 give? Check here: