Sending in Tickets

  • First of all You should know, to send in a ticket this has to be important - please don't send tickets if Your problem can be solved in game or is already explained somewhere else.

    For example: Player: "I haven't got the Battle Mount from the Tiered Spender's Mystery Box! You are betraying on me!! I have got a Guard Scroll now!!" ~
    Right - You might have not get the Battle Mount but in this case You would have better looked at what a "Mystery Box" actually is - the description clearly explains that it doesn't guarantee that You will have a Battle Mount after taking the Mystery Box but You will be rewarded with a different Item if You had no luck.

    You may be able to fix some problems or issues with a Game Master in the game or via private Discord Message before sending in a ticket. This can make some things faster and they will be more than happy to assist You. ;)

    You can send in tickets in cases such as :
    > Problems with Purchases or Payments
    > Technical Problems
    > Requesting Services
    > Issues with Items or Packages
    > In-Game Problems
    > doing a report
    > Problems with Your account

    Read the FAQ before You send in a ticket - Your question might be listed there! If You don't find any help follow this Link to send in a ticket and fill in the form. -…nglish/Core/Default/Index

    Please remember - Provide as much information that is relevant to the issue as possible!

    Note: Remember the ticket can't be answered instantly so give the staff some time. Don't send more than one ticket about the same issue because sending multiple resets our ticket que! If the Ticket haven't got answered after 48 hours please save Your Ticket's ID and inform a Game Master in-game or via private Discord Message, they will have Your ticket pulled up then.