• HISTORY NEVER LIES. Now Shall we Check? xD

    Quizzle 2

    Term 1 (blue crane + Shii)

    Term 2 (blue eyes on the limestone forged monster + Ren1)

    Term 3 (blue lanterns over the bridge + Orpheo)

    Term 4 (blue mailbox + Zbok)

    Term 5 (blue NPC head from <Zumi Merchant> Alec + Psions)

    Quizzle 3

    Term 1 (blue rope coil + 7glove)

    Term 2 (blue chests+ Shougunii)

    Term 3 (Scarecrow's blue hat in the Eden Glen garden + Orpheo)

    Term 4 (blue flowers + xTine)

    Term 5 (blue cocktail + Ren1)

    Term 6 (blue mining carts + Stoi)

    Quizzle 4

    Term 1 (Warp Portal curlicue + Stoi)

    Term 2 (Magic Pool's green goo + Tiidz)

    Term 3 (Giselle's green dress + IMango)

    Term 4 (green Fame NPC - Sage Stone + stalvin)

    Term 5 (Nora's green dress + Lirioƒarn)

    Term 6 (green stars on blue treeleafs + Yu)

    Quizzle 6

    Term 4 (Tempting Lily's pink top + stalvin)

    Term 5 (pink bush + I mean if it wasn't obvious already)

    Quizzle 7

    Term 6 (<Calamity Blossom> Kison + Zexion13)

    Quizzle 8

    Term 1 (Golden Hat from Phire + Psions)

    Term 2 (Golden Star + Orpheo)

    Term 3 (Golden Crown from Ruhtra + Stoi)

    Term 4 (Golden Braces from Mattias + Erebus)

    Term 5 (Golden Sword from Amos + KiaM)

    Quizzle 9

    Term 1 (Treeballs? xD + just make it treeball)

    Term 2 (pot filled with soup + llaurick)

    Term 3 (round thing on the ground + Zexion13)

    Term 4 (palace ruin + AngelA)

    Term 5 (round shield + Stoi)

    Quizzle 10

    Term 1 (will be revealed if guessed + IG name)

    Term 2 (iron helmet + Ren1)

    Term 3 (iron pickaxe of "Zumi Scout" Taen + AbbyRembrandth™)

    Term 4 (iron weapon + Pinksky)

    Term 5 (iron armor + Psions)

    Term 6 (iron soup bowl + Stoi)

    Note - all blanks means they are new names / or they won first time only.

    Do i get Ban for posting this valuable information?

    Nah i don't care anymore.

  • What did I say earlier again?

    About being a sore loser and people posting stuff faster because they know when the event will start?

    Unlike you, who apparently can't even see a picture below a response, people aren't blind and pick one of the first things they see that matches the description.

    Feast your mind on the knowledge of rational thinking and logic.

    People like you are the biggest reason why this game can't flourish.

    They blame everything on others, say everything is biased/based on favoritism or "rigged" (Insider, don't worry).

    You're still just an uneducated child.

  • How fun. All I see is people winning fair and square by getting it right, nobody knows what the GM is choosing, we don't know what the terms are. We take pictures while in the map, and we send them, whether we win or not is completely up to chance? Some people are faster than others at guessing because they were maybe already in the map, or good loading times after the Event gets announced in-game. You're pulling out numbers? There's five chances of winning.

    7glove; 1 win.

    Shougunii; 1 win.

    Orpheo; 2 wins.

    xTine; 1 win.

    Ren1; 2 wins.

    Stoi; 5 wins.

    Tiidz; 1 win.

    IMango; 1 win.

    stalvin; 2 wins.

    You; 1 win.

    Yu; 1 win.

    Me; 3 wins.

    Zexion; 2 wins.

    Psions; 2 wins.

    Erebus; 1 win.

    KiaM; 1 win.

    llaurick; 1 win.

    AngelA; 1 win.

    AbbyRem; 1 win.

    Pink; 1 win.

    What exactly are you trying to say here, how could there be favoritism. You just showed me 5 terms, for 7 quizzles. Which is 35 chances of winning.

    Now, you can be fast, and still guess wrong, look at the recent quizzle where I was second. Guessed wrong.

    Or, you can take a bit longer, wait until more options have been shown so you know not to pick those, read the forum posts by other players and if they're not the correct terms, you know not to pick those, and you can find something that will result in you winning.

    You can be fast, or be slow and careful. All I see right now, is somebody who can't handle a loss. I don't see the other people with only 1 winning term complaining, I don't see myself complaining for not getting the term right. You say history never lies? The only one with the highest wins is Stoi, and he's either playing it smart or getting lucky. You literally have 5 different chances at winning if you're fast, and if you're slow, be smart about your choice.

    History never lies. It's a whole new level of trying hard to prove something that's not true, spreading rumors. Biggest reason why the game can't flourish? Because, people that complain about the events, are usually the reason why the event STOPS. Appreciate the time the GM is putting in, to give people like you free items so YOU can flourish in-game.

    1-10 Quizzles

    50 terms.

    50 chances at winning,

    5 chances each quizzle since you only have 1 entry.

  • Hello Lirioƒarn,
    my deepest apologies you didn't win the Forum Quizzle recently. I don't see any reason in going on this topic, since everything was said but I should have said something to this myself, in my opinion.

    I think for llauricks answer, everything has been said - a picture was added and I assume "Soup! Gimme Soup" was a reference or an insider joke. Clear is: the pot filled with soup was meant. I don't think this is retarded, dumb or stupid - I think llaurick thought I would get what he/she means and so did I.
    Of course it was not the exact term but I am human and I understand what you guys mean.
    If someone says Term : Wooden Well at Tranquil Hill 198, 92
    I don't disqualify him for that term either (the well isn't fully wooden, but with that said you would understand so). I know what you meant. That's what I am talking about.

    About Shi
    I've added an attachment - please look at that and this will be answered. I always ask for the In-Game name and Forum simply doesn't allow Shi because it would be and referance to (see picture, please)

    Forum Quizzle is a catchy name and not as serious as Forum Quiz. I agree this is not an essay. No one is supposed to write essays here. You guess a word and then it's done.

    I don't get why my event would've gone haywire. People keep enjoying participating, based on their luck.

    Coordinates and Pictures in the Forum Quizzle are nice extras, but not needed as I am looking for terms. If I don't get what you mean, I look at the added picture or go to the coordinate mentioned. I don't see why it needs to be verified - if I'm unsure I just go look.

    About favoritism and being unbiased and about wins. As Game Master, we sign contracts and we have to stick to it. Failure to abide those rules will result in us being kicked from the team. Simple thing. I'm not planning to get kicked because of that, and false accusations don't help it. I think Shi's Forum Post is going deeper into that and I agree to that, you can read his post if you need a deeper answer to that.

    Now let's talk about how the Forum Quizzle works.
    Forum Quizzle is a guessing game. Of course a lot of people win more than once, simply because we have a staying group of players that participate every week. Sadly, we don't have lots of new people joining, so logically, players will remain the same.
    I'm spending at least an hour or more, looking for a nice and fresh topic and for terms. I'm looking for 10! Terms always. Why is it 10 you may ask and let me explain, before you accuse.
    There's way too much stuff in a map than players that participate.
    It's ridiculous if you think every Forum Quizzles 6 terms I chose were perfectly guessed.
    So, I'm having 10 terms (priority first 6, of course) - if they were guessed they are going to be updated in the answer form right away. If on Friday/Saturday (depends on when I post the event) wasn't all 6 terms guessed, I'm taking the first one of my other 4 choices. That's to have safe 6 winners in the end.

    Your answer is based on your luck - nothing more - nothing less. I choose unique terms and non-unqiue, again luck-based. If you don't like the event, you don't have to participate. Please don't accuse me that I'm showing favoritism to anyone, because that's really not what I do. Thank you Zexion, Shi and Rhys for having that stated above already- couldn't leave that, as it was.

  • Not gonna lie, the fact you're getting so uptight and salty over a QUIZ on a GAME is pathetic. I'd get your point if the same person in each quiz won.. But the fact EE is such a small game now, and not many people are on this forum, LET ALONE participate in a quiz, it's not a surprise?