Trivia of Eden


    I will be hosting a new Discord Event, from now on named 'Trivia of Eden'.
    Trivia of Eden will take place every Friday CET +1 at 6:30 PM.

    Trivia of Eden will contain 15 questions in the four languages our Discord Server supports.
    Answers must have its full content, so no abbreviations (i.e. Eden Crystal must be answered instead of EC).

    The first player that correctly answers a question will be gifted 10 Eden Crystals.
    Winners can always participate, if you answer correct once you can keep playing.

    Winners will be noted, and rewards will be sent by me after the event ends.

    The questions I will be asking will only be Eden Eternal-related, only players with the Eternal Guardian role can participate.

    Come join our Discord and see for yourself! <3