A wild Fenrir appeared!

  • Greetings everyone!

    My name is Fenrir and I’m your new Product Manager. First off, please let me apologize to you for my (very) late introduction. A lot of things are currently going on and I’m still getting used to this new position and all the responsibilities.

    I was working on Eden Eternal as a Game Master (Community Manager nowadays) for a couple years before I got moved to a different team, but I still have some knowledge about the game.

    I am aware of many issues the game currently has and I will try my best to sort things out and get stuff done, but I can and will not promise you that all the problems will be gone within the next weeks. That’d be just too unrealistic, especially since I’m also responsible for Twin Saga.

    Best regards

    PM Fenrir

  • don't worry ,nothing has changed since you were in charge during the past, you will find yourself where you dropped off in no time !


  • So now we have part time CM and PM to share with Twin Saga? :/ Which one is your favorite?

    I more wonder what the focus on getting stuff done is on. Trying to get updates? Trying to do decent sales? Or is eden more just something that is barely going to be looked at, and just support with keeping it up?

    Honestly seems like they are intentionally pushing Eden into a further state of inactivity, like just sorta sitting there.

  • They been doing this for 4 years now .

    Eden is not updated, will not be.

    They don't have a contract for that anymore with X-Legend.

    They will keep it up as long as there are still money to be made out of it.

    The fact people still play shows how much some love this game.

    It's so sad because the game could have become much more, if Aeria would have invested just a little bit in it.

    But Aeria does not invest in any game at all. Just the bare minimum.

    And thats why their games stay small and people leave and they ended up in bankrupcy before being bought by Gamigo, which is doing the exact same thing ...