A friendly fairy has arrived in Eden!

  • A Friendly Fairy has Arrived!

    Hello everyone! My name is Euthalia, and I am excited to be apart of the Eden Eternal Moderator team.

    After vacationing in a faraway land, I decided to come back to the magical land of Eden Eternal!

    I am taking place as an English Moderator, and I absolutely adore Eden. The cute graphics,

    the variety in classes, and gameplay. My hobbies include spending time drawing anime,

    or just drawing sketches in general. - going outside, and writing stories/poems.

    And of course, playing games!

    My motivation towards the team is the community, and the game. I would love for

    the game to be like it used to be, and to help make it more active. - Making

    forum events, and maybe helping out with in-game events and talking to

    all of you in-game when I get the chance! I would love to get to know each

    and every one of you, so what're you waiting for?

    DM me on Discord, or find me in-game. Talk to you soon! :)