How To Earn AP.

  • Hello everyone. Hopefully this isn't the wrong section.

    Many people happen to either not know, not be confident of or have had problems in earning free AP. I myself have done so many times, and have made quite a lot of AP. 8o To put it simply, you need to have a lot of patience and be very dedicated. As well as having a good deal of preparation.

    Before anything. You must remember. It's not actually free. You are the product being traded for the AP. Either for your time, clicks, or personal information (or in some cases, actual money?). Now that this is out of the way, let's move on.

    Before looking at our options we have to talk about limiting factors.

    Where you live: Where you live or where it perceives you live can greatly limit your access to some surveys and other offers.

    How old are you: A lot of offers want you to be of age or around there.

    Gender, ethnicity, income and languages you may speak can all effect surveys and other tasks. (Some tasks are in spanish for example, for me.)

    Access to a credit card: Some offers will give you AP if you buy or get a free trial of a product. Personally I would never do these offers.

    Willingness to put in personal information: Some offers are as easy as putting in your address, or even just email address. This is probably so they can send you loads of junk mail I also ignore these.:rolleyes:

    TL/DR: Things you put in about yourself CAN influence some offers such as surveys.

    Your providers

    Peanut labs: By far the most paid out among all of them for me. You just fill out a profile and it gives you some surveys it thinks you may

    fit the criteria for. If you wonder why there needs to be criteria, surveys are usually for some kind of research or trying to gauge opinions for potential products and such, and they usually want specific groups of people.

    Also, very often for me the given offers will not match, and you have to go through a couple before you get one that does. Anyway the surveys are definitely their highlight.


    They are kind of like peanut labs, except I don't get a lot of payouts. They are very colorful, and make noises thought. If you can't get much luck with peanut it's a good way to see if you can get it with personaly. They do have some other offers, and I have gotten them to go through. So go for it.

    Trial pay:

    Not available in my country which is the united states. ?(

    In the past it WAS available though. It wasn't all that good for me.

    Super rewards

    As I typed this I felt the need to smash something.

    I'll be honest, they pay out a lot, especially with low ap offers. But sometimes they will not. Those times will make you hate their customer support people. One incident ended with me in a long battle with both the provider and the service that the offer was for. But I got it. They also have some junk offers that offer a fraction of 1 AP. I literally have a pending balance of 0.08 AP with them. :/

    Tl/DR: Peanut Labs, if that doesn't work try Personal.y and if that doesnt work then try super rewards.

    Types of offers.


    Offers that would ask you to click onto a webpage, or watch a videos. They typically pay out very small but almost always pay out.
    Be sure to stay on the webpage, and finish the video fully (Or just mute it and read a book) :sleeping: Sometimes you can open multiple at once and get the payouts. Othertimes it ruins it.

    The install something offers

    Some offers ask you to download and install something. Some will even want it installed for a couple of days. Personally, my advice with these is simply: Don't. Just don't do them, they are annoying, and troublesome. However if you want to do them, I'd recommend using something to sandbox the browser/any applications it downloads. such as Sandboxie . But in the end the payouts are usually low, or around the same as surveys. So to me it never felt really worth it.

    The Email address, address/free sample offers:

    In these you put in a email address or address and they will probably send you some junk. Or sell your information probably ||, I've done the email ones, and the email I used is the most overflown email I have. I've also had some junk luck in gettin payouts with them.

    The Buy or start your free trial offers:

    These are offers where if you buy something or get a free trials you get some AP. I've been told it works but I never wanted to try. I get lazy and don't trust myself to end a free trial, and also don't really trust the providers sometimes.

    Become a new user on this site and do x thing

    These surveys will usually ask you to sign up for something and achieve some goal on the site. Like one with Swagbucks to get 500 points with them, and you got maybe 1-2k AP (When I did it it was 1700)

    Another example is I think rewardTV where you sign up, do 2 surveys based on a tv show that was recently on and get like 100 AP. (Didn't hear it from me but sometimes you can find multiple instances of this offer, and juse use a new email to do it again.)

    My senpai of offers, Surveys.

    My love of surveys cannot be understated. For me as long as I am patient I can almost always get payouts. Alot of surveys seem to want spanish speakers and such. Though I guess this depends on where you live. More or less, though it gets the job done for me.

    How it usually goes:

    it'll ask you some questions before the survey to see if you fit. If you do not you will be moved to another one where you must do this process again. Always try to answer relatively the same for all the questions. I dont think I have ever gotten fully locked out of the ability to keep trying for a survey.

    Types of surveys:

    Rules of offers:

    There are some rules I personally keep in mind

    1.) No matter what. Always. ALWAYS. ALWAYS! Screenshot. Everything. You will be needing this to bury the customer support person with undeniable proof of your completion of the offer. (Or for them to know where you might have went wrong. :whistling:)

    2.) Ask yourself if the AP is worth the task/time it takes to complete the task. If you don't have a lot of time, probably not.

    3.) Finally, lower your expectations. You probably wont make 1000 AP in a day, some people won't even make this in a week. It's really based on factors you may not have control over, and how much time you are willing to waste on it.


    The reason I made this thread is that some new people may not actually wanna spend money but might want some AP, and I wanted to share the main ways I made a lot of AP by more or less randomly doing tasks that took maybe a couple hours out of my day and left me with a good amount of AP each week to take advantage of the tiered spenders. On a lazy week or a week when surveys seemed scarce because I had already done them, I could get around 20 dollars worth.