How "worth it" is it to return to Eden?

  • As the thread title says, I would like to know the communitys opinion as to if they think it is worth it to return to Eden?

    I quit because of a somewhat dwindling community, and pvp in general getting more boring. As well as new games coming out. Needless to say, I'd be starting from 0.

    Is there very often new people playing?

    Is there A good handful of people still playing?

    But I guess a better question that would answer my question is: Why do you still play? Or if you started playing recently, why did you want to play?

  • You have to check on that for yourself. There are a dozen opinons out there and it's difficult to find a middle.
    PvP is all the same, 3v3's rules changed a bit, more fun since the Anti-AFK rule was applied, but still the same.
    You see a lot of new people, but they usually don't see each other a lot, due to their level range and the peer system/channel management. Eden Eternal is actually very living, many people play and enjoy the game but they are mainly in the 70+ Peers.
    Leveling up works pretty fast if you focus on storyline and bookquests, so that shouldn't be a big problem.

    I play the game because I still think Eden is one of the most unique games and it's fun to play. And so do many players share my opinion, many don't. If you want to get in touch with the community more I suggest talking to them, either in world chat in-game or in our Discord, playerbase is not very active on our forum.
    What I can tell for sure is that the players are waiting patiently for new content and we're working on this wish to be granted. Altars aren't looping and we have an active support, caring about player's tickets and other services. Game Masters keep the game constantly clean from Botters, Hackers and so on. Just have a looksie and make your own picture. :>

  • How is the guild scene like? Is there a wide variety of active ones or the majority have kind of consolidated into a few big ones and then the corpses of inactive guilds litter the guild list?

    Also I see a change in staff roles, now a GM is basically what used to be a GS but split the forum moderation duties off on another volunteer role?

  • There are tons of active guilds, spanish only, german only, french only, PvP only, PvE only, tons of active and heplful guilds. There are sure some inactives as well but I would say people tend to join active ones, which makes them even more active.

    So, there is Moderator and Game Master
    A Moderators task is more outside the game, such as organizing the forum, aiding with support and bug reports.
    A Game Master assists Aeria and the Community Manager staff with helping new players, running events, answering questions, reporting problems, mute players in-game if needed, keeping the game clean from Botters and so on.

    Both are volunteers and Game Sages don't exist as that anymore.
    A Game Master has more duties than a regular Game Sage would have.
    You could say "GM is basically GS" because neither GM nor GS can take care about any customer or ticket services, that's at least where both roles would match, plus some of their activities.

  • Ahh I was just confused because a while back GMs were Aeria staff. I've been gone for good couple years. Thanks for the answers.

  • I see. I guess it makes sense, from what I understood the CM and GM roles back then were kind of similar. :/

    Anyway thanks for the answers, I've made my character and will probably start playing soon.

    If any other new-ish people want to squad up or something: IGN Zuomo, Discord : Zuomo#1857

  • my reason for stay playing, because i need a place to vent up things i cant done normally, in IRL.

    and i'm type of player who only play 1 RPG-genre game, each time, only leaving to find a new ones if any of this 2 situation happen :
    1. game server closed
    2. there major cheat, which literally ruin the gameplay (ie. cheat engine case from rising force online or seal online in past), with no active resolving attempt from publisher/developer

    fortunately, since march 2015, any of those scenario above never happen, worst case just in game bug that resolved by server's rollback around 1 year ago.

  • I'm a bit late to this, but that's okay.

    Personally I shared your view, I didn't play and didn't know if it was worth it to come back, when I did, I didn't regret it at all, sure the playerbase is a bit smaller, 3v3 arena is still the same, territory wars are sometimes onesided battles. But, the reason why I stayed is the playerbase, even if it's not as big as it used to be, it's a close community, most people know each other regardless of their peerchat. In some way the game never really lost it's activity if you see how close the community is now (note; there's still drama, it wouldn't be EE without.)

    The game itself, well you've played it, I don't have to tell you anything about it, if you loved it back then, it might seem repetitive leveling up, but in the end you'll be back up in no time. The game has always had a special place in my heart, and that's mostly because of the community.
    Considering you already started playing, good luck on your future adventures in the game and I hope you have fun in EE.
    You can message me in-game (My char; Shi) or on Discord; Shi#7685 if you need any more information, or if you just need help.