Game Activity

  • So I would like to see this game be overran by active members again. I also heard from some friends that private servers have been popping up in a group called Vendetta, so I would rather see people in the real game.

    Same, sadly it's not that easy. It's not up to us or the GM/CM to decide this. We need new content to bring in new players, it's harder to do if the game doesn't receive any funding for these updates/content, resulting in players leaving instead of joining. Even with advertisements, at some point you'd still lose more players. Vendetta PS does have less players than the real game. Maybe once this game receives funding we could gain a new playerbase, but for that, we'd need a bigger playerbase.

    That's where the issue lies currently.

  • Vendetta has been up for a while. Just probably more heard of now because of a increase of attention from youtube videos and such.

    You are probably never going to see much more of a playerbase. The PS provides all updates and even if its poorly translated and such (As X-legend games PS are notoriously known for.) They probably attract people who currently play because of that. As well as xlegend games being only slightly changed versions of the previous generations game. They are the mcdonalds of mmorpg. So it makes it hard to imagine much effort will be spent on a old one for us, beyond that. :thumbup:

    Community-wise, I actually feel like aeria(Or maybe gamigo?) has gone the ways of making it harder and harder to be a part of a community. Took a while to even be able to post here, and all the forums being just different sites is just annoying. The yellow gamigo bar ontop of aerias main site is also ugly as sin. But that's just personal preference. You soon realize that the forums are pretty much just a corpse and you might as well just go to the discord if you can. Even then it's kind of lacking.

    Don't really want to sound negative, but I prefer a more realistic expectation to be out there. If the game were to get updates, you will probably see a small increase in players, until they've played out the updates and go onto whatever games they play instead. To keep a playerbase you need a constant incentive to play. Constant events, updates, and good interactions between staff and players. The quality of the last one has constantly degraded over time.

    It's worth it to mention though, that the GMs and other such characters are usually not the people to blame in aerias hierarchy, for anyone that does.