Problem Starting Eden Eternal

  • I used to play Eden Eternal some time ago now I tried starting it again but every time I click "Start" in the Launcher it just closes.

    I reinstalled Eden and also tried the download over Google Drive, so now I'm asking for help here.

    Does anyone know what to do so that I can play again?

    Thx for your help :)

  • Hi,

    First of all, did you uninstall everything EE-related when you re-installed? If not, please delete everything EE-related from you computer and re-install through Google Drive.

    If so, have you Full Checked multiple times? Try the Full Check on the Launcher aswell as the 'fullcheck.bat' file in the Eden Eternal Folder. If both don't work, try disabling your antivirus.

    Third, have you given the '_Launcher.exe' admin permissions?

    If neither of these work, please message on here, you can also find me on Discord: [MOD]Rhys#3916