GobbleBall in Eden

  • Eternal Guardians!

    Dark times are ... Behind us! It is time to chill and have fun, alltogether by the beach and play some GobbleBALL!


    Our faithful GMs, gathered the skulls and bones of all the monsters defeated recently, to create this wonderful Soccer Field.

    (No innocent monsters were harmed during the construction of this field)

    A soccer Game in EDEN? You heard right!

    The rules

    - Each team consists of 5 players.

    - The aim is to score more goals than your opponent.

    - To score, the ball must go into your opponent’s goal.

    - The first team to score 15 points wins the game.

    The ball will be no other than our CM, who turned into a peeper to get some sympathy.

    Don't worry it does not hurt ;)

    How to participate?

    You may register by using the form HERE.

    Upon validation, each player will be assigned to a team and will receive the Official GobbleBall Equipment

    "purple (best team btw)"- A recent looser

    Event Timing

    Saturday 19th of January 2019 at 10:00 AM (GMT+1) at Sakura Island, Channel.4


    Games will be decided using .random

    Each game winner will be rewarded with 10 x "129 Eternal Coins" per player

    The Top 1 winners, gets Prime Star Stones/Luna Rocks of the types and colors they choose.

    Side Notes

    -We are looking for at least two referees/goal counters to assist us in monitoring the games

    Please submit your application in this post and tell us how much you charge for "looking the other way" :d

    -You are welcome to join and support your favorite team :D

    See you on the field!


    Registered TEAMS

    Alpaca & Coffee Club FC LongLeg People Kiss My Pass

  • I'll be up for refereeing however my bribes are somewhat expensive and comprise of the following items;

    1 x "129 Eternal Coins" to avoid being yellow carded for aggressive play style

    2 x "129 Eternal Coins" to avoid being red carded for killing a member of the other team

    3 x "129 Eternal Coins" to get me to look the other way and call a free kick when the other team scores

    if you have no ep's i'll accept payment of the following;

    1 hand alpha weapons for infusion / rerolling

    blue / orange cestus for infusion / rerolling

    lvl 50-65 stardusts

    and if you want an easy win no matter how much the other team try hard my payment is 1 x lvl 90 stardust.