Official In-game Rules!

  • Greetings Eternal Guardians!

    Eden Eternal became an international server that includes several languages (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Tagalog and French for example). Under these circumstances, the acceptation of every person is primordial. As a consequence, rule establishment is vital. Please follow all rules listed below.

    1 - Playing with others

    Article 1.1 : It is important to respect everyone.
    Article 1.2 : All languages are accepted on all channels, because the community is now made of different languages and cultures, like we said. Therefore, it’s forbidden to impose a language (or culture), no matter the situation.
    Article 1.3: Inappropriate language ( political, religious, profanity, or racial) is forbidden. Filter-dodging inappropriate language is prohibited.
    Article 1.4 : It’s forbidden to harass or discriminate based on, but not limited to, race, religion, gender or any national original.
    Article 1.5 : We advise to not use much CAPS on public channels.
    Every infraction will be given a warning. If the warn is ignored, this can lead to a sanction.

    2 - Channel Management

    Article 2.1 : World chat is made for marketing, guild or party recruitment, in-game events, and questions about the game. Other chat (that is not related to the listed above) are not allowed. This will help players respect their chat while selling, buying, trading, recruiting, hosting event/s, and/or asking for help (related in-game).
    Article 2.2 : We advise you (not mandatory) to wait 2 minutes between each message from the same player. Spamming is NOT ALLOWED.
    Article 2.3 : Peer chat is the symbol of the freedom of expression. All subject of talk are allowed, except if they are against the rules (selling/ buying gold/accounts, offensive, unlawful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable language or media for example).

    3 - Behavior with GM/MOD or CM

    Article 3.1 : It is forbidden to block a GM, a MOD, or a CM.

    Article 3.2 : If a GM/MOD asks you to stop talking about a specific topic or to stop discussing something that would have been considered as negative in relation to our rules, you have the obligation to do so.

    Article 3.3: It is important to understand that GMs are first of all players. Therefore, you must understand that GMs can make a player wait for a few minutes if they are busy.

    Article 3.4: It is forbidden to disrespect a GM/MOD
    Note : The term “GM” include TGM/TMOD/GM/MOD. Also, in case of an issue with a GM, please contact the CM.

    4 - In-Game Behavior

    Article 4.1 : It’s forbidden to use a bug for malicious purposes.

    Article 4.2 : It’s important to help GM/MOD’s report in game bugs/glitches. When reporting, it is recommended to provide evidence/proof (video, or full screenshot) if possible.

    Article 4.3 : Talking about the private server (no matter which one) is forbidden and can lead to a sanction (which can result in your account being permanently banned). Discussing third-party software, or other games not belonging to Aeria Games, are prohibited.

    Article 4.4 : Dual-boxing (aka dual-clienting) is allowed, but under these circumstances...

    > Multi-clienting is allowed only for gathering/booth purposes.
    Also be aware
    the number of accounts that a user can set up is limited to five.
    Article 4.5 : Stealing a run, PoD, or any farm spot isn’t allowed. We recommend you to ask to the player that is present if you can take the spot, or to wait for your turn. Please, be patient and respectful.
    Article 4.6 : Using Bots to farm is strictly forbidden no matter where and what game or account it is from.

    Article 4.7 : IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to share accounts with anyone. Please DO NOT share your information (passwords, emails, etc.)! We advise you to change your passwords often. Aeria Staff will NEVER ask for your passwords!

    Article 4.8 : It is FORBIDDEN to sell, or buy, outside items (such as artwork, or other non-related Aeria items/services) for gold, or AP exchange(s).

    Article 4.9 : Impersonating (faking a GM/MOD/CM/PM) to player(s), and/or a player’s in-game name is not allowed in ANY chat. In other words, trolling.

    5 - Purchase and Sales

    Article 5.1 : Account selling/buying is forbidden, no matter which game the account is related to.
    Article 5.2 : The purchase/sale, or anything related, is reduced to a message between 5-10 minutes.
    Article 5.3 : Selling Aeria Points/Paysafe Cards/I-Pins are possible but GM/MOD and the CM can’t do anything in case of fraud. It’s a risky process, that’s why it is disapproved by the community and that there isn’t any way to prove you got scammed.
    Article 5.4 : Timespan between two messages of purchasing/selling Aeria Points have to be between 15 and 20 minutes.
    Article 5.5 : Selling/Buying gold is absolutely forbidden.