Rules and Policies

  • Where can I find all of Aeria's Rules and Policies?
    EULA, Terms of Service, Forum Rules

    How do Bans work?

    Your account may be banned if you were found to be breaking Aeria's policies. Bans can be temporary (24 hours to 7 days) or permanent. Upon being banned, you will automatically receive an email stating the reason of the ban and whether the ban is temporary or permanent. Due to security reasons, you will never be shown proof.

    How do I get unbanned?

    If your ban is temporary, you will automatically receive an email once your ban has been lifted with directions on how to reset your password. You will then be able to access your account. If your ban is permanent your account will not be unbanned unless you can submit proof of your innocence. If you have proof to submit then you can petition your ban through the Contact Us link.

    What if I didn't know what I did was wrong?

    You signed our Terms of Service upon creating an account with Aeria, it is your responsibility to read the rules.

    Why is gold buying wrong?
    Have you ever known someone who's account was hacked with their gold or items stolen? Often times the gold you are purchasing is coming from their stolen account. Buying their gold also encourages the gold sellers to spam the community, which disrupts everyone's game play. Please have respect for your fellow players and the community by following out ToS and not buying gold.