I have a problem whit a skill with reaver

  • hellow im having a problem whit a reaver skill

    this is the chain of fury. the problem is that when i do the first phase sometimes i cant active the second phase and only goes to cooldown other times i can throw 2 tiems followed the second phase on the skill to then use the firts phase and not load the sendo phase. this problem is causing me to slow things, down before i did not happen to me.

  • you need to activate Scythe of Judgement 1st, in order to remove Chain of Fury's cooldown, then spam it to get 2nd phase

    get it's KP filled for extra boost

    This is not entirely correct as Scythe of Judgement only halves Chain of Fury's cooldown. The reason why Chain of Fury sometimes does not let you cast its stage 2 skill may be caused by two factors. The first one being that you missed. Stage 2 will only be usable if you land at least one successful hit. The second factor is that you killed the monster with one hit. If that happens, you'll have to wait for Chain of Fury to refresh before being able to cast it again.