• Overview
    A Guild is a private community of a collection of players who work together to play, trade as well as participate in world events. This can be accessed by the shortcut, pressing the "G" key. Guilds also have a private channel in which to communicate (/g "text"), through typing but can also use the function of voice-channels in which to communicate.

    Guild Leaders can set different privileges for different members to organize a chain of command in the guild, as well as utilize the in Guild Message Board system to keep everyone informed updated or upcoming plans. Guild Leaders can also, use the game's built in recruitment system to advertise your guild, so there is less spam built up advertising the guild. As well as this, players can choose to personalize their name, (which floats above their character's head) and show off their Guild's Insignia.

    Guild Towns

    Players can actively and discreetly donate to their guild of any amount they choose. This collects to a Guild Fund. Funds, then go towards building the Guild's Town. A Guild Town is a place where guild members conduct their business as well as craft and recruit merchants to sell rare, high level equipment or to gather crafting mats. Guild members would also have access to the shared Guild warehouse, which increases in size as the Guild levels. Although if the guild member amount drops below 30 players or if there aren't at least 10 active players in the guild in 3 days the guild town will be taken away. There are also two different environments to choose from when creating your guild town, a nature themed environment and a rocky wilderness themed one.

    Guild Town Buildings

    The guild leader can choose one building for any building type and up to a maximum of 5 buildings in total. These buildings aid players in crafting, gathering or additional inventory space. These buildings can be purchased from the GC Salesman Slippers NPC.

    Guild Statues

    If the guild leader places a statue in the middle of the guild town, the guild members can pray at the statue once per day and receive a 3 hour buff. Each statue has a durability of 100 after being placed in the centre of the guild town and its durability decreases by 1 each time a guild member prays to receive the buff. There are many different types of statues that can be obtained from quests or monster drops and offer various buffs. During seasonal events such as Christmas/Halloween or hitting first, second and third place in GvG, special statues become available which give players a 5% increase in item drops from monsters after praying. You can also get random guild statues if you exchange 150 Purified Crystals to Philidor in Aven.

    Guild Crystal

    Guild crystals appear in guild towns as a random event. When this happens, all members of the guild get notified and can locate the guild crystal in the guild town. After destroying the guild crystal special chests will spawn all over the guild town, which contain various rewards for the players who find them.

    Guild Merchants

    Guild merchants can be hired by guild leaders. They offer blueprints and assignments that can't be obtained anywhere else. When purchasing items from the guild merchant some of the taxes can also go to the guild bank. The guild merchants can be obtained through dungeon boss monster drops, guild NPC in Aven or the Crystal Altar by any of the guild members, but the guild leader needs to be the one to hire them.

    Conditions for setting up a Guild

    Conditions for setting up a Guild town

    Guild Fame required to level

    Guild Upgrade Fees and Benefits

    Guild Quests

    Guild Quests offer experience, or Fame, that will level your guild after collecting a sufficient amount. These Guild Quests, for a small price, can be obtained in Aven, from the Guild Officer, Kaiser. Alternatively, you may purchase Guild Quests in any Guild Town, or from the Guild Window. Unlike Aven, Towns offer Guild Quests for Dungeons. Soul Guardians outside of Dungeons also offer Guild Quests for Dungeons. The advantage of purchasing billboard quests in guild towns is that there are a lot more quests available, although the guild quest NPC sells them at a lower price. The only requirement to get quests from a guild town billboard is to be in a guild, your guild doesn't need to have its own guild town. Also whenever a player buys a quest from a guild's billboard, that guild will receive a portion of the tax from that purchase.