A story, flowers and... an egg (?)

  • Hello Eternal Guardians!

    I've been on this team for some time now, but I haven't even told you about myself yet... Big mistake... I'm correcting the situation! Don't worry about it!

    Besides... Who am I? Where do I come from? And, what is my story? Let me tell you how it all started.


    A long time ago, on the banks of the Eloise Plains, long before the birth of good and evil, there was a bud. He felt lonely, the days passed, and they looked alike. Then came one day, through a round white moon like no other before, a rainbow that seemed to be heading straight for that bud. Something unexplained happened. This bud began to metamorphose in contact with this explosion of light and gave birth to an egg. However... the seasons passed, and the egg did not move, it did not react. One day, without anyone being able to explain it, he started to stir for hours and finally brought out of his pink spotted shell a little being who seemed to come straight from a fairy tale. This little being was taken in by a legendary unicorn named Lawsalia, and was educated as his own child.


    This child, born of a bud and such a light, is not me. No, I'm only here to answer your questions and expectations. Correspond between you, players, and our teams. But I enjoyed telling you this story straight out of my imagination.