CM Calla From the block

  • Dear Eternal Souls,

    My name is Calla and I will be your new CM. I love fluffy animals and chocolate! :love: So these are always welcomed as an emoji on Discord!

    I have been working for this company since 2014. Until now, I have only supported Shaiya as a CM/GM. And that is the reason why am I so excited to start my new adventure with Eden Eternal. I'm always on your disposal, and will be more than happy to hear any feedback and suggestions.

    Feel free to poke me and I'll do my best to respond as soon as possible. (Do not forget to include a chocolate emoji. This will speed up the process!) ^^

    Hugs and chocolate bunnies for everyone,


  • Lets start by asking you to focus on the most important thing in EE, in f act, probably the _only_ important thing, that keep the game going. And that's the altar.

    About 90% of items in EE can only be gotten if they come in altar.

    Lately, altars been repeating about the same 3 weeks sequence over and over.

    So, we really need more varied altars.

    Now, I know it's not the CM who usually change the altar, but since you are the only EE employee we can contact, then it falls to you to relate the info and make them understand how important it is.