Eden Eternal Discord Rules

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    Welcome to the Official Eden Eternal Discord! We are glad that you are here to voice opinions, give feedback, hang out with friends and meet new people.

    If you have any questions about discord please contact a CM (No pestering, if your question has to go in a ticket then you should write a ticket via the support system: https://support.gamigo.com/

    We will not ban / unban players or provide private information via the Discord).

    We ask that you follow the rules of this Discord and to also ensure that you use the appropriate channels to communicate with your companions.


    The same rules that apply in Aeria Games' Terms of Use will apply to this Discord:


    With that said, a breach of said rules in this Discord channel can result in a ban ONLY on Discord, not on your Aeria Games Account or Character.

    The Staff team reserves the right to remove messages from the chat and if necessary, to mute, kick or ban users from the Eden Eternal Discord if the following violations occur:

    - Discussions of decisions made by the team such as muting, deleting posts, kicking and/or banning

    - Deliberately creating toxic situations or debates in order to undermine other players or the staff

    - Any drama or private conflict on our official channels (solve it in private)

    - Advertising of any unrelated game that is not associated to the gamigo group

    - Names and conversations which are derogatory and/or NSFW

    - Publication of private information and chats (e.g. Tickets)

    - Disrespecting other community members

    - Political or religious discussions

    - Not following the channel rules

    - Avoiding the word filter

    - Posting epilepsy gifs/emotes, or gifs/emotes under pegi 13

    - Spam

    A warning before the punishment of a player with a mute, kick or ban is optional for the moderating force. Thus it is not a matter of course to receive a warning before.

    Even if it is not explicitly mentioned in the rules, if a Moderator tells you to stop addressing a certain thematic/and or behavior, this has to be acknowledged and accepted, otherwise the Moderator may take action against it.

    The Eden Eternal staff reserves the right to mute, kick or ban players from the Discord server if deemed necessary.

    Moderators may moderate to their own discretion in extreme situations. Any complaints or concerns about abuse may be brought to a CM's attention at any time.

    CMs may moderate to their own discretion at any time. The CMs may also change, remove, or add any rules at any time. If you believe a ban has been carried out unfairly, send a ticket here: https://support.gamigo.com/

    The severity of a sanction always depends on the severity of the offense and review of the offender's past record.

    Players are responsible for all of their sent messages. Action may be taken against deleted messages if the deleted messages violate server rules.

    Avoiding active mutes/bans with additional accounts will result in a permanent ban of your account and any associated accounts.

    We sincerely hope that you come often and enjoy your stay!


    #altar You're on your way to school and want to know what items you can win today? Check out this channel!

    #giveaways Try to win items during our special events!

    #universal-lobby Take off your shoes, relax and chat with the entire Eden Eternal community!

    #help For your questions to other players or to the team

    #in-game-activity Try to find party or guild members, or sell your stuff!

    #feedback-bugs-reports Your ideas are valuable, share them with the team here

    #english-lobby English only here!

    #français-lobby French only here!

    #deutsche-lobby German only here!

    #español-lobby Spanish only here!

    #real-life-pictures You had an alpaca-shaped-pancake for breakfast? We want to see it!

    #artwork If you are talented, show your art to the world!

    #screenshots Wanna brag about your character? Here is the place to be!

    #links Sharing is caring!

    #🤖bot-spam🤖 Bots and spammy stuff like gambling

    #🎵music-bot🎵 Play music you want to listen to

    We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, therefore you should take a look at them from time to time.


    **Product Manager** - the big boss of the game who works in the shadow

    **Community Manager** - point of contact between the community and the Product Manager

    **Moderator** - in charge of forums and Discord. Please contact them in priority if you need help.

    **Game Master** - in charge of the game. Please contact them in priority if you need help.

    **Guest** - other gamigo employees. Please bear in mind they won't help you with Eden Eternal.

    **Eternal Guardian** - active member of the community. If you wish this role, you will have to be active for a couple of weeks on our Discord.


    Official Discord - https://discord.gg/edeneternalofficial

    Official EE Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/edeneternal/

    Eden Eternal Home Page - https://edeneternal.aeriagames.com/

    Game Support - https://support.gamigo.com/

    Eden Eternal Wikia - < https://tiny.cc/EEWiki%3E

    Eden Eternal Recipe Book - https://www.tiny.cc/EERecipe

    Thank you Timaki (Twin Saga) for the Alpaca-Ninja pictures!