a shiny Yamea appeared!

  • Hi Eternal Guardians,

    I'm Yamea, also known under "Naabea" in my team. I'm 22 and a typical girly girl loving pink and cute stuffs. I'm taking place as the german Game Master in the Game Master team. I love playing Eden Eternal because it's really unique in it's gameplay, also I love it's cute look. My hobbies are reading books, playing computer games, cooking, guitar, piano and going out with my friends. In real life I'm working in a hospital which keeps me busy at all times. After a whole work day (can be around 18 hours if unlucky) I usually end up playing Eden Eternal, in which I'm putting my whole dedication to.


    I'm trying to take care of every single one of you. My motivation is the community. You are my community, and I will do anything to help and provide the best assistance you can have (even if it means annoying Kynou for 10 years). My goal is to get a bigger playerbase again. I wish that Eden Eternal grows big again. Everyday I'm working, I'm working for this goal. Working in the Discord, in the Forum, In-Game, creating Events, creating new Altars, and so on to show Game Masters are hanging and sticking onto it. This is my goal and I wont give up following it! Promise!

    Enough talking, join Eden Eternal and get to know me, I'm already waiting for you!