Like a Boss Event!!! *Christmas Edition*

  • Like a Boss Event - Christmas Edition!!!

    Dear Guardians, as December is coming closer so is Christmas! And, we have a themed event that is sure to get you into the creative spirit! - If you were a Christmas Boss (or just a normal Boss) in Eden Eternal, what would you look like? What skills would you have? Well, now is your time to express yourself as a boss this upcoming Christmas! Draw your character as a Boss for Eden Eternal, list the abilities and maybe a backstory and you could win some neat Christmas-themed prizes! Plus, might I add, our beloved CM will even use YOUR drawing in his Newsletters!!! 😱

    To the prizes...

    🥇1st Place-

    75 Eden Crystals

    Mysterious X-mas Cap (Prime)

    Mysterious X-mas Dress/Suit (Prime)

    Legendary Dazzling Candy Cane (Prime)

    Alpaca Sleigh (Legendary)

    🥈2nd Place-

    50 Eden Crystals

    Hand-dyed Christmas Reindeer Antlers (Prime)

    Legendary Candy Christmas Stocking (Prime)

    Holly Jolly Reindeer Sled (Prime)

    🥉3rd Place-

    25 Eden Crystals

    Double Pom-Pom Christmas Hat (Prime)

    Courageous Penguin Dodo (Green quality)

    *Don't worry if you do not win; 5 random participants will receive a Red Santa Hat (Normal Quality)! ;):P

    ---- Regulations ----

    Digital Art is recommended, but traditional is fine - if you are a traditional artist, make sure your drawing can be identified easily; good lighting, clear lines, etc.

    I wish you all of luck, Guardians! And may the Christmas Spirit flow through those artistic veins! Oh, I almost forgot when this event will end! As of today the event will start (December 4th) and will end on December 24th at 11:59 PM. Good luck! - *To participate: list your drawing, in-game name, account name, and your character's gender (this is only required for the X-mas Outfit. If you are an Ursun, Anura, or Zumi please state that instead <3) in the thread below! - *If you have issues posting in the thread, send your submission + information to [GM]Rusalka#1839 or [Mod]Akroma#5078 on Discord.

  • Event Results !

    The "Like a Boss" event is finished.

    The winners are:

    🥇1st Place : ninja91 & Yumikoo for their cute SantAlpaca !

    🥈2nd Place : Pi†chu & Leñwe for their deadly Sobek & Anubis !

    Congratulations to our winners ! You will receive the rewards indicated above soon !