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The Return.... HAPPENED!
No one believed it... but we are live AGAIN!! And our Rewards are finally back!! Have you missed them? :3... Read More »
Migration Completed!
Our migration is finally complete - No more downtimes!... Read More »
Eden is Back Live!
IMPORTANT! We were able to restore the server online for this weekend and we will work on improvements next week with the developers!... Read More »
The Eden Eternal Forum is moving!
Please read!... Read More »
IMPORTANT: Eden Maintenances and Down Time
Please read! Important information for the next maintenances and possible down times!... Read More »
A Cat-astrophe is Coming!
Cat-astrophe Rewards and Bonus Rewards are available! Plus a 50% discount in the Item Mall and new Mystery Boxes!... Read More »
Mark your Nobility! With our Royal Rewards!
Royal Rewards and Bonus Rewards are available! Plus a great 50% discount in the Loyalty Shop and new Mystery Boxes!... Read More »

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