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    Eternal Guardians!

    Dark times are ... Behind us! It is time to chill and have fun, alltogether by the beach and play some GobbleBALL!


    Our faithful GMs, gathered the skulls and bones of all the monsters defeated recently, to create this wonderful Soccer Field.

    (No innocent monsters were harmed during the construction of this field)

    A soccer Game in EDEN? You heard right!

    The rules

    - Each team consists of 5 players.

    - The aim is to score more goals than your opponent.

    - To score, the ball must go into your opponent’s goal.

    - The first team to score 15 points wins the game.

    The ball will be no other than our CM, who turned into a peeper to get some sympathy.

    Don't worry it does not hurt ;)

    How to participate?

    You may register by using the form HERE.

    Upon validation, each player will be assigned to a team and will receive the Official GobbleBall Equipment

    "purple (best team btw)"- A recent looser

    Event Timing

    Saturday 19th of January 2019 at 10:00 AM (GMT+1) at Sakura Island, Channel.4


    Games will be decided using .random

    Each game winner will be rewarded with 10 x "129 Eternal Coins" per player

    The Top 1 winners, gets Prime Star Stones/Luna Rocks of the types and colors they choose.

    Side Notes

    -We are looking for at least two referees/goal counters to assist us in monitoring the games

    Please submit your application in this post and tell us how much you charge for "looking the other way" :d

    -You are welcome to join and support your favorite team :D

    See you on the field!


    Registered TEAMS

    Alpaca & Coffee Club FC LongLeg People Kiss My Pass


    Santa is bahd, monster spawn!

    Nasty Claus is back and is planning to ruin this holiday season.

    Our scouts indicate that he even teamed up with some of the most evil creatures of Eden.

    Eternal guardians, we call on your help. Join Aven this Friday at 17:00 (GMT+1) and assist us in defeating them!

    Event start

    This event will be held every Friday at 17:00 (GMT+1) until the end of the month.

    Special notes:

    It's going to be messy, groups are advised ;)

    It will be the occasion to get event related boxes, to trade with the NPCs that recently appeared

    The "I see dead people" event was a success during its three editions.

    The gm team wanted to thank everyone who participated! It was very fun to organize and follow this event.

    Unfortunately, we feel that it might favorize bigger guilds. For this reason, we decided to cancel it for the time being.

    Do not worry though! More events are planned for the future!

    1. Aven -

    2. Limestome Mtn. -

    3. Tranquil Hill -

    4. Rainbowfall Forest -

    5. Goss Mountains -

    6. Beluga Bay -

    7. Wetlands -

    8. Valley of Kings -

    9. Avila Volcano -

    10. Golden Plains -

    11. Arid Wilds -

    12. Delphi Forest -

    13. Blackflame Peak -

    14. Decay Swamp -

    15. Highlands/ursun -

    16. Ursun PAw mts

    19 Fegeral Valley

    20. Sunset Desert -

    21. Skyreach Jungle -

    22. Witchcraft Forest -

    23. Gemesis Ridge -

    24. Shiver Peak -

    25 death valley

    26. Eyebloom Plain -

    27. tempest cliff

    28. graceland marsh

    29 cyclone bassin

    30 viper forest

    31 Sakura Island

    32 Searing Valley

    33 Sunrise plain

    34 Devastation realm

    36 Eloise Plain

    37 hayward seavale

    38 Durango Kingdom

    51. Ethereal Dome -

    52. Iceflame Highlands -

    53. Meeryasha -

    54. Mayland Jungle

    55. Shaxia Basin

    Hello Guardians

    Thanksgiving is coming soon!

    To celebrate this, Laika and a bunch of turkeys have appeared in Aven.

    During the coming week, we will spawn a giant event related boss and treasure chest each day at 17:00 (GMT+1) until Friday.

    Place: Aven Ch. 4

    Time: Every day at 17:00 (GMT+1) and until the 23/11/2018

    See you there!


    The "I see dead people Event" Week 47 is now live! on CHANNEL 2. Grab your search crew, seek all the skeletons and win a Tier 10 GM Wish!

    NOTE : South continent skeletons are missing. The following zones are disqualified: Feregal Valley, Sunset Desert, Skyreach Jungle, Mayland Jungle and Shaxia Basin. You need to submit only 34 skeletons.


    GM Massacre Hunt- Show no mercy!

    Soon after joining the Eden Eternal community, Kynou started testing his powers on different kind of subjects.

    We remember the great Torreyace catastrophy during the previous halloween event.

    His powers found their use for both good and evil. Banishing mean guardians, saving others from failed quest, summoning cute decorations and more...

    Now or never, he reckons that he needs help for the following catastrophy.

    All went wrong when he was trying his transformations magic, on his favorite guinea pigs (aka the GMs).

    The experience grew out of control, some GMs were transformed into giant ugly creatures.


    Did he say before the creatures jumped on him and ran to the wild.

    The creatures not willing to cooperate, Kynou must rely on the mighty Eternal Guardians to hunt them and bring them down.

    Event RULES

    The event starts on the 17, November at 20:00 GMT+1

    Meeting point is at Sakura's Island Ch4. with [CM] Kynou

    [CM] Kynou will give hints about the GMs position

    Guardians must find and kill the GMs


    Special monsters will be spawned afterwards for nice rewards to all participents ;)

    Special note (tips)

    The event being at Sakura Island, we suggest you to not attack other players and take a single target class to have a chance to down the GMs (Yes, they are hard-buffed)

    Although being mean and ugly, the GMs kept their behavior and will focus tanks first. Well rounded group composition is advised.

    Mighty Guardians!

    We would like to thank everyone who came to our "Spookyeternal Night". It sure was a lot of fun to spawn those monsters and watch you struggle :saint:

    Many more events are planned for the future, so keep your ears open :P

    Enough talking! As an additional gift, We wish to reward those of you who took the best screenshots of this Halloween's event.

    Let's say... "Most players dead in Screenshot, wins" :evil:


    • Only one submission per account
    • You must post your entry in this thread.
    • Screenshot needs to be of this Halloween's event...Duh!
    • Ingame character name must be clearly displayed.
    • You must mark every dead character with a red dot, none marked characters won't be counted.
    • If multiple screenshots have the same amount of dead characters, the winner will be decided randomly, between them.


    (Rank is measured with the number of dead characters)

    1st - 100 Eden Crystals

    2nd - 50 Eden Crystals

    3rd - 25 Eden Crystals

    Deadline is the 06/11/2018 at 10:00 (GMT+1)

    Can't wait to see the bloodshed!! ^^


    The Spookyternal Night

    Eternal Guardians,

    Our Sages are predicting that this Wednesday will be the most gruesome night our poor souls ever seen.

    Spookynou calls upon you to assist him in defeating the horrific, Zumis eating, pumpkins army that will invade Aven.


    Join the bloodshed this Wednesday 31/10/2018 at 18:00 (GMT +1) in Aven, Ch. 4

    PS: Don't forget your halloween's costume


    Hello fine people :)

    As announced, I will be your brand-new community manager.

    I am super excited to be part of the community and meet you all guys!

    This will be my first time, as a CM and in Eden, so I might be doing basic tasks on the start, but you can expect from me double the effort and the passion!

    I am not indifferent to the problems that the game is facing lately. I wish to change that and will work actively with You, our PM and GMs to solve them.

    On the long run, I wish for Eden to be as thriving as it ever was.

    Let’s talk about hobbies! I like video games, guitar, and sport but I'm always struggling to balance those three. So, it mostly looks like gaming, gaming, and gaming...

    My favourite genres are strategy and RPGs. Oh! And I love cooking because I love eating.

    This is it for now. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a message on Discord.

    Looking forward to sharing awesome moments with you!

    PM update: