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    For week #1 I am looking for:

    blue stuff you can see in Aven
    (no items, texts, quests, NPC/Map icons!).

    Term 1 (blue housedoor + guessed by EmptySkyes)
    Term 2
    (blue tree leafs + guessed by PEINIBLE)
    Term 3
    (blue flags + guessed by Eclipsia)
    Term 4
    (blue clothed statue + guessed by DracoV13)
    Term 5
    (NPC Barron's blue head + guessed by Kumy)
    Term 6
    (blue bombs + guessed by Vayou)



    I'm happy to announce a new Forum-Event called "Forum Quizzle"!

    How does the Forum Quizzle work?
    Weekly, I will be announcing a topic (Example: "red stuff in Eyebloom Plain").
    I will be looking for 6 terms related to this. Those 6 terms are always EE-related.
    ( terms could be: flowers, roofs, npc clothing, etc. )
    To participate, you only need to write the solution you're thinking of in this thread.
    When you do so, you can only participate once, a second answer from the same account will not be considered.
    Don't forget to include the in-game name of yours, so rewards can be send out.
    I will take 6 terms of my choice, so not every answer can be correct.

    What's the rewards?

    Per correct answer 20 Eden Crystals shall be given to the one who guessed right.

    When does it start/end?

    The event start's every monday after maintenance. Deadline will be friday.

    Hello Vanezza,
    thank you for the efforts you made. I will come with answers right away.

    Glitch/Bugfixes are reported. It's about X-Legend to fix them.
    All we can do is asking again for your patience, we are aware this was done often in the past, but we don't have any more options than this. Thank you though, for stating all those! I will re-check with our documents, if they match and add if there are some missing.

    GM Feedback
    - It was supposed to be soon, I agree. I have to admit "soon" wasn't the correct term, considering how long we have to wait for it.
    All I/ we can do is poking about it, which I will do again right after this post.
    - We know about the french GM you're talking about, please don't sweat it too much. He is new and he is just doing his job. Sometimes you just have to get a feeling for those rules first, specially when english is not the language you speak at home. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. If theres any warning spoken or sanction done unfairly, please come to one of the other GMs.

    1.4 - Agree
    2.1 - Giveaways are allowed and will be never be forbidden. Short chats are okay either, private conversations shall go to "Whisper"-Channel though.
    As mentionedabove, please don't sweat it. New GM's can't do everything right from the very beginning as well as I have said, you probably need to get a feeling first when placing rules somewhere. We're aware of those issues and we're working on improving it. Use world chat just as you're used to - haven't been warned for it in years, right? ;)

    2.2 - Will change terms a little bit, to make it more clear.
    4.1 - If you see someone abusing bugs, report them, please.
    As mentionedabove bugs have been reported from our side.
    4.4 - Added
    5.2 - Someone selling/buying stuff all 20 seconds have been sanctioned a dozen times already. So this is not quite right. Rule will stay as it is.

    Our CM, as well as the PM reads the forum. So be sure, things will be forwarded to the right persons. I thank you for notifying us and for your awesome feedbacks.

    Greetings Eternal Guardians!

    Eden Eternal became an international server that includes several languages (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Tagalog and French for example). Under these circumstances, the acceptation of every person is primordial. As a consequence, rule establishment is vital. Please follow all rules listed below.

    1 - Playing with others

    Article 1.1 : It is important to respect everyone.
    Article 1.2 : All languages are accepted on all channels, because the community is now made of different languages and cultures, like we said. Therefore, it’s forbidden to impose a language (or culture), no matter the situation.
    Article 1.3: Inappropriate language ( political, religious, profanity, or racial) is forbidden. Filter-dodging inappropriate language is prohibited.
    Article 1.4 : It’s forbidden to harass or discriminate based on, but not limited to, race, religion, gender or any national original.
    Article 1.5 : We advise to not use much CAPS on public channels.
    Every infraction will be given a warning. If the warn is ignored, this can lead to a sanction.

    2 - Channel Management

    Article 2.1 : World chat is made for marketing, guild or party recruitment, in-game events, and questions about the game. Other chat (that is not related to the listed above) are not allowed. This will help players respect their chat while selling, buying, trading, recruiting, hosting event/s, and/or asking for help (related in-game).
    Article 2.2 : We advise you (not mandatory) to wait 2 minutes between each message from the same player. Spamming is NOT ALLOWED.
    Article 2.3 : Peer chat is the symbol of the freedom of expression. All subject of talk are allowed, except if they are against the rules (selling/ buying gold/accounts, offensive, unlawful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable language or media for example).

    3 - Behavior with GM/MOD or CM

    Article 3.1 : It is forbidden to block a GM, a MOD, or a CM.

    Article 3.2 : If a GM/MOD asks you to stop talking about a specific topic or to stop discussing something that would have been considered as negative in relation to our rules, you have the obligation to do so.

    Article 3.3: It is important to understand that GMs are first of all players. Therefore, you must understand that GMs can make a player wait for a few minutes if they are busy.

    Article 3.4: It is forbidden to disrespect a GM/MOD
    Note : The term “GM” include TGM/TMOD/GM/MOD. Also, in case of an issue with a GM, please contact the CM.

    4 - In-Game Behavior

    Article 4.1 : It’s forbidden to use a bug for malicious purposes.

    Article 4.2 : It’s important to help GM/MOD’s report in game bugs/glitches. When reporting, it is recommended to provide evidence/proof (video, or full screenshot) if possible.

    Article 4.3 : Talking about the private server (no matter which one) is forbidden and can lead to a sanction (which can result in your account being permanently banned). Discussing third-party software, or other games not belonging to Aeria Games, are prohibited.

    Article 4.4 : Dual-boxing (aka dual-clienting) is allowed, but under these circumstances...

    > Multi-clienting is allowed only for gathering/booth purposes.
    Also be aware
    the number of accounts that a user can set up is limited to five.
    Article 4.5 : Stealing a run, PoD, or any farm spot isn’t allowed. We recommend you to ask to the player that is present if you can take the spot, or to wait for your turn. Please, be patient and respectful.
    Article 4.6 : Using Bots to farm is strictly forbidden no matter where and what game or account it is from.

    Article 4.7 : IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to share accounts with anyone. Please DO NOT share your information (passwords, emails, etc.)! We advise you to change your passwords often. Aeria Staff will NEVER ask for your passwords!

    Article 4.8 : It is FORBIDDEN to sell, or buy, outside items (such as artwork, or other non-related Aeria items/services) for gold, or AP exchange(s).

    Article 4.9 : Impersonating (faking a GM/MOD/CM/PM) to player(s), and/or a player’s in-game name is not allowed in ANY chat. In other words, trolling.

    5 - Purchase and Sales

    Article 5.1 : Account selling/buying is forbidden, no matter which game the account is related to.
    Article 5.2 : The purchase/sale, or anything related, is reduced to a message between 5-10 minutes.
    Article 5.3 : Selling Aeria Points/Paysafe Cards/I-Pins are possible but GM/MOD and the CM can’t do anything in case of fraud. It’s a risky process, that’s why it is disapproved by the community and that there isn’t any way to prove you got scammed.
    Article 5.4 : Timespan between two messages of purchasing/selling Aeria Points have to be between 15 and 20 minutes.
    Article 5.5 : Selling/Buying gold is absolutely forbidden.

    I can't install the game
    Then if you have trouble to enter the game (website launcher) at all follow my instructions:
    1 - Please, delete/uninstall absolutely everything you have regarding Eden Eternal on your PC/Laptop (the issue probably sits inside the files and it could be taken over in the new files)!
    2 - If your Laptop/PC is cleared from Eden Eternal you are going to download Eden Eternal via Google Drive.
    English Version of EE
    French Version of EE
    Decide on which language you speak.
    3 - Almost done - if this version was downloaded follow these instructions and you are good to go.


    I installed the game but I can't connect
    If you can't connect, use "Full Check" on your launcher.
    If you have still the issue, You need to do the steps mentioned above.

    I can connect but my account is banned/blocked
    Check your E-Mails if you think your account was banned or blocked.
    If you haven't got one, please contact us about it.
    Also check this post to get further informations about bans.

    I can connect but I have lost all of my characters

    We are sorry for that, but with the servermerge 2017, Eden Eternal Support decided to remove all of the characters which were inactive 6 months before the servermerg was going on. There is no coming back for those characters.

    I bought a service but what am I supposed to do?
    If you have bought a Name Change Crystal, you need to write a ticket and tell the support what your new name is going to be (please provide 3 names if your preferation is not available).
    If you have bought a Guild Name Change Crystal, you need to write a ticket and tell the support what it's the new name is going to be (please provide 3 names if your preferation is not available).
    If you have bought a Guild Leadership Change, you need to write a ticket and tell the support who is going to be your new leader.
    If you have bought a Item Restoration Crystal, you need to write a ticket and tell the support which Item you have lost and on which character it was lost (include gems, enchants, fortfications, mana infusions + date, time of item loss)
    I bought AP, but my AP stays "-1"
    Please first, wait 1 day and if the issue is still there, please contact a Game Master and they will see with you, what you need to do.

    Where can I find all of Aeria's Rules and Policies?
    EULA, Terms of Service, Forum Rules

    How do Bans work?

    Your account may be banned if you were found to be breaking Aeria's policies. Bans can be temporary (24 hours to 7 days) or permanent. Upon being banned, you will automatically receive an email stating the reason of the ban and whether the ban is temporary or permanent. Due to security reasons, you will never be shown proof.

    How do I get unbanned?

    If your ban is temporary, you will automatically receive an email once your ban has been lifted with directions on how to reset your password. You will then be able to access your account. If your ban is permanent your account will not be unbanned unless you can submit proof of your innocence. If you have proof to submit then you can petition your ban through the Contact Us link.

    What if I didn't know what I did was wrong?

    You signed our Terms of Service upon creating an account with Aeria, it is your responsibility to read the rules.

    Why is gold buying wrong?
    Have you ever known someone who's account was hacked with their gold or items stolen? Often times the gold you are purchasing is coming from their stolen account. Buying their gold also encourages the gold sellers to spam the community, which disrupts everyone's game play. Please have respect for your fellow players and the community by following out ToS and not buying gold.

    My Account has been hacked, what do I do now?
    If you think your account is hacked, then report it immediately by using the Contact Us link. Once you have submitted the email, you will receive an RT#. Pass this number to a Game Master/Moderator in Discord and let them know that your account has been hacked, they can then pass your ticket on to a Community Manager for immediate attention. The purpose of this is so that your account can be locked to prevent any damage to your characters or account by the hacker.

    I can't remember my password, what now?

    If you are having an issue with your password, username, or login, you can initiate a reset request to the email on the account. You may enter EITHER the username OR the email. The response will allow you to log in directly, and then you can personalize your password. All passwords must have uppercase, lowercase, and a number. Once you have done this, you should be able to log in to the web site, the forums or any of our games. Remember, passwords are case sensitive. If you are having issues receiving the password reset emails, or the registration emails, you may need to put us on your white list.
    I can't remember my characters password, what now?
    In order for us to be able to proceed, please write a Ticket with the following information:
    - Name of the account which needs the character password reset
    - name of the character(s) which needs a password reset
    Am I allowed to share my Account with another person?
    Our Terms of Service clearly states "Only one person may use an Account. You are liable for all activities conducted through your Account." If you do share your account information with another player, we will no longer service your account. This means that if you need help with anything, we will not help you.
    I bought a name change crystal, now what?

    In order for us to be able to proceed, please write a Ticket with the following information:
    - Name of the account you would like the name change
    - Current Name of the character
    - 3 names with preferation marked you'd choose for

    Am I allowed to sell or trade my Account?
    No. Account trading or selling will result in a permanent ban.

    What is an RT?

    Players can contact Aeria's customer service department by submitting a Request Ticket (RT). An RT is made when you use the Contact Us link to get help through email. You will automatically receive RT #; keep this tracking number for your records.

    Where can I go for help?

    We suggest you first look for an answer to any general issues here in the FAQ. A more specialized answer may be found on the Forums. If your issue is not personal, then you can contact a Game Master through Discord (area to the right of the forums) and they may be able to help you. If your searches have not resolved your issue then you can contact Aeria's customer service by submiting a Request Ticket (RT) through the Contact Us link.

    I used the Contact Us Form, now what?

    You will receive an automated message which states that the ticket was successfully submitted and it will include your RT#. Keep this tracking number. Your ticket will then be placed in line with all the other tickets. Our Community Managers will answer your tickets in the order they are received. Once we have replied to your RT, the response will be sent directly to your email. If you need to submit more information, simply reply to the email and your response will be sent back directly to the Community Manager who worked on your original ticket. Please keep in mind that because of this, you may not receive another reply for up to 72 hours if the Community Manager handling your ticket is off work.

    How come Aeria's reply didn't go to the E-Mail address that I provided in the RT?

    All of Aeria's emails will only be sent to the email address that is associated with the account that is submitting the ticket. You can change this by going into My Profile on the website, click Edit Profile, click the Account tab and then change your email address. We ask for your email in the ticket for instances when you cannot access your account.

    I'm still not getting any E-Mail from Aeria, what's going on?

    First check your spam/junk folder. Our emails may have been sent there. If you still are not receiving any emails from Aeria then you should change the email that is associated with your account to a different email provider. You can change this by going into My Profile on the website, click Edit Profile, click the Account tab and then change your email address.

    My Ticket was closed and sent to spam, can I appeal my issue?

    Tickets will be sent to "spam" if we have resolved the issue to the best of our ability but the player continues to reply only to complain. If you can provide proof which would overturn our decision then you can create a new ticket and ask for escalation. Be sure to include the RT# from your original ticket.

    Hey, llaurick

    Yes, every new Moderator and Game Master joining the team has to create a new Account with a character on it, which will be tagged. They can choose if they want to be Moderator or Game Master, depending on their age. Game Masters have to be at least 18 years old, Moderators have to be at least 16 years old. Game Masters can access Peer-Channels based on their Characters Level, just as normal. There will be Game Masters for every Peer Channel, to keep all of them appropriate. Being a Game Master or Moderator is voluntary, so, they are not paid.

    When it says no interaction, that means:
    "<Peer>[GM]Yamea: LF1M DOD before reset!" -
    To get on the Peer-Channel we have to keep an eye on, we have to level up until there.
    You wont see any Game Master or Moderator really playing except they are leveling.
    That's why you will see some Game Masters or Moderators bashing some Monsters.

    Players applying are mostly veteran players. Most veteran Players are high-level players. Leveling up theirselves from Level 1 on forces them to refresh old or maybe forgotten informations, which is the goal. In any case, Game Masters as well as Moderators have no more powers than to mute in-game. They can not change their Level as they wish to.

    At Aeria Games, there are two types of support staff:

    Moderators and Game Masters

    • A Moderator's tasks are focused primarily on the forum and tasks outside the game, such as organizing the forum, aiding with support and bug reports.
    • A Game Master's tasks are primarily focused on the game itself. They are there to assist players, answer questions, and create and host in-game events!
    • Both Moderator and Game Master can share responsibilities in some ways, but they each have their own focus. Some teams combine both roles into one to suit the team’s needs.

    Game Masters and Moderators have separate accounts that are not used to play the game, but to provide support. Game Masters and Moderators do NOT have the ability to spawn items, currency, or anything of the sort. However, Game Masters can mute players in-game. They are not allowed to interact with the game world in any sort other than to provide support. Any violation of this will result in an immediate termination of the staff member.


    What a Game Master is able to do:

    • Receive and forward game related feedback
    • Perform forum and in game events
    • Answer game related questions
    • Request assistance from a Moderator if needed
    • Monitor overall server performance and notify a CM in case of trouble
    • Receive behavior related reports and forward them to a CM
    • Receive bug reports and forward them to a CM
    • Mute players in-game


    What a Game Master is unable to do:

    • Show any kind of favoritism (e.g. handing out free items or AP)
    • Fix bugs
    • Alter already-existing game features
    • Develop new game features
    • View your tickets or respond to them
    • Ban accounts or threaten to ban any account
    • Deal with in-game ban appeals
    • Deal with GM or MOD related feedback


    What a Moderator is able to do:

    • Receive and forward forum related feedback
    • Perform forum events
    • Answer forum and game related questions in the forum
    • Monitor forum and notify a CM in case of trouble
    • Receive behavior related reports and forward them to a CM
    • Receive bug reports on the forum and forward them to a CM
    • Mute players on Discord


    What a Moderator is unable to do:

    • Show any kind of favoritism (e.g. hand out free items or AP)
    • Fix bugs
    • Alter already existing game or forum features
    • Develop new game or forum features
    • View your tickets or respond to them
    • Ban accounts or threaten to ban any account
    • Deal with in-game ban appeals
    • Deal with GM or MOD related feedback

    Game Masters will never reveal their identity or the name of their personal account character, if they have one. Please do not ask them or try to pursue the matter. This barrier between their GM persona and personal persona is there for their own protection. Their safety is one of our primary concerns, and any hint at an attempt to penetrate their layer of privacy and safety will be met with an immediate and severe reaction from Gamigo or Aeria Games.

    How do I become a GM / MOD?
    Game Master Application
    Moderator Application

    Read and follow the instructions. Both Game Masters and Moderators are picked based on a range of qualifications of everything from game knowledge, professionalism and helpfulness towards other players.

    What is the role of a Community Manager and what do they do all day?

    Community Managers are employees of Aeria Games that both help maintain and moderate the game, ensuring that things run smoothly and according to the rules. Community Managers do alot of work behind the scenes. In any given day a Community Managers will run events, help players on the forums, in-game and in Discord. They will also answer Request Tickets (RT's), handle reports from Game Masters/Moderators, pay out promotions, track down gold buyers. On top of all that, they also have general office duties such as attending meetings and receiving additional training.

    How come the Community Manager isn't available 24/7?
    The vast majority of our customers are online during the daytime hours so this is when our Community Managers are in the office. Generally our staff is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

    Why do Community Managers get moved between Games?
    Community Managers generally don't stay on the same game for their entire career. Everyone who works at Aeria Games has a unique set of skills and sometimes that person's skills are needed more on another game. When that happens, the Community Manager is moved. Often a Community Manager is also moved because they have been promoted and are taking on more responsibility within the company.

    What is the role of a Game Master?
    Game Masters are volunteers (need to be at least 18 years old) that have proven themselves knowledgeable of a specific game and have shown a desire to assist Aeria and the Community Manager staff with helping new players, running events, answering questions, reporting problems, etc.

    What is the role of a Moderator?
    Moderators are volunteers (need to be at least 16 years old) that have proven themselves knowledgeable of a specific game and have shown a desire to assist Aeria and the Community Manager staff with helping on the forum, Discord and tasks outside the game, such as organizing the forum, aiding with support and bug reports.

    Where can I find a Game Master/Moderators for help?
    Game Masters/Moderators can often be found in-game, in the Discord and on the forums.

    Application was denied, can I apply again?
    If your application is not accepted then you can reapply again in the future. Keep in mind that if after being denied you begin bashing the current Game Masters or Moderators and acting inappropriately then it will be noted and you are reducing your chances of being chosen in the future.

    A Gamer Master/Moderator ist acting inappropriately or breaking the rules, how do I report them?
    You can report a Game Master/Moderator the same way you would any other player, by using the Contact Us link. These reports are all reviewed and investigated, however just like any other report, you must provide proof such as screenshots or video. As we cannot view attachments, your proof must be submitted in the form of a link to where the image or video is hosted. You will not be notified of any actions taken or not taken against the Game Master/Moderator as this is private and confidential. But please be assured we do take all of these reports seriously.

    A Guild is a private community of a collection of players who work together to play, trade as well as participate in world events. This can be accessed by the shortcut, pressing the "G" key. Guilds also have a private channel in which to communicate (/g "text"), through typing but can also use the function of voice-channels in which to communicate.

    Guild Leaders can set different privileges for different members to organize a chain of command in the guild, as well as utilize the in Guild Message Board system to keep everyone informed updated or upcoming plans. Guild Leaders can also, use the game's built in recruitment system to advertise your guild, so there is less spam built up advertising the guild. As well as this, players can choose to personalize their name, (which floats above their character's head) and show off their Guild's Insignia.

    Guild Towns

    Players can actively and discreetly donate to their guild of any amount they choose. This collects to a Guild Fund. Funds, then go towards building the Guild's Town. A Guild Town is a place where guild members conduct their business as well as craft and recruit merchants to sell rare, high level equipment or to gather crafting mats. Guild members would also have access to the shared Guild warehouse, which increases in size as the Guild levels. Although if the guild member amount drops below 30 players or if there aren't at least 10 active players in the guild in 3 days the guild town will be taken away. There are also two different environments to choose from when creating your guild town, a nature themed environment and a rocky wilderness themed one.

    Guild Town Buildings

    The guild leader can choose one building for any building type and up to a maximum of 5 buildings in total. These buildings aid players in crafting, gathering or additional inventory space. These buildings can be purchased from the GC Salesman Slippers NPC.

    Guild Statues

    If the guild leader places a statue in the middle of the guild town, the guild members can pray at the statue once per day and receive a 3 hour buff. Each statue has a durability of 100 after being placed in the centre of the guild town and its durability decreases by 1 each time a guild member prays to receive the buff. There are many different types of statues that can be obtained from quests or monster drops and offer various buffs. During seasonal events such as Christmas/Halloween or hitting first, second and third place in GvG, special statues become available which give players a 5% increase in item drops from monsters after praying. You can also get random guild statues if you exchange 150 Purified Crystals to Philidor in Aven.

    Guild Crystal

    Guild crystals appear in guild towns as a random event. When this happens, all members of the guild get notified and can locate the guild crystal in the guild town. After destroying the guild crystal special chests will spawn all over the guild town, which contain various rewards for the players who find them.

    Guild Merchants

    Guild merchants can be hired by guild leaders. They offer blueprints and assignments that can't be obtained anywhere else. When purchasing items from the guild merchant some of the taxes can also go to the guild bank. The guild merchants can be obtained through dungeon boss monster drops, guild NPC in Aven or the Crystal Altar by any of the guild members, but the guild leader needs to be the one to hire them.

    Conditions for setting up a Guild

    Conditions for setting up a Guild town

    Guild Fame required to level

    Guild Upgrade Fees and Benefits

    Guild Quests

    Guild Quests offer experience, or Fame, that will level your guild after collecting a sufficient amount. These Guild Quests, for a small price, can be obtained in Aven, from the Guild Officer, Kaiser. Alternatively, you may purchase Guild Quests in any Guild Town, or from the Guild Window. Unlike Aven, Towns offer Guild Quests for Dungeons. Soul Guardians outside of Dungeons also offer Guild Quests for Dungeons. The advantage of purchasing billboard quests in guild towns is that there are a lot more quests available, although the guild quest NPC sells them at a lower price. The only requirement to get quests from a guild town billboard is to be in a guild, your guild doesn't need to have its own guild town. Also whenever a player buys a quest from a guild's billboard, that guild will receive a portion of the tax from that purchase.

    Hi Eternal Guardians,

    I'm Yamea, also known under "Naabea" in my team. I'm 22 and a typical girly girl loving pink and cute stuffs. I'm taking place as the german Game Master in the Game Master team. I love playing Eden Eternal because it's really unique in it's gameplay, also I love it's cute look. My hobbies are reading books, playing computer games, cooking, guitar, piano and going out with my friends. In real life I'm working in a hospital which keeps me busy at all times. After a whole work day (can be around 18 hours if unlucky) I usually end up playing Eden Eternal, in which I'm putting my whole dedication to.


    I'm trying to take care of every single one of you. My motivation is the community. You are my community, and I will do anything to help and provide the best assistance you can have (even if it means annoying Kynou for 10 years). My goal is to get a bigger playerbase again. I wish that Eden Eternal grows big again. Everyday I'm working, I'm working for this goal. Working in the Discord, in the Forum, In-Game, creating Events, creating new Altars, and so on to show Game Masters are hanging and sticking onto it. This is my goal and I wont give up following it! Promise!

    Enough talking, join Eden Eternal and get to know me, I'm already waiting for you!

    On the 18th of February starting 9.30 a.m. CET, the game will go down for the weekly maintenance.

    Remember: Name Changes will be done after your ticket submission, but the full change applies after the weekly maintenance.
    You will not be able to login in the meanwhile. We cannot provide you any ETA, join us on Discord to follow the status.

    Greetings Eternal Guardians!

    If any of you have gotten the "Crimson Harvester Luna Rock", "Azure Reaper Luna Rock" or "Azure Harvester Luna Rock" and have archived it, please send a screenshot of your archive to our Ticket Support. The Luna Rocks will be sent back to you, after your Ticket has been checked by the support.

    Note: You find it in the *Other Items* - section of your archive, and make sure to scroll down to where the stones are located and screenshot that, also make sure to NOT hide your UI!
    As we cannot view attachments, your proof must be submitted in the form of a link to where the image or video is hosted.



    Weekly Event - I see dead people...

    The evil soulhunter Kynou is up to mischief in Eden Eternal!

    Kynou stole the everlasting peace from 39 poor souls and the only one to bring them back is you!
    Eternal Guardians, we call for your help from six feet under, bring us back to our everlasting peace!

    Find our dead Bodies this Friday, 30/11/2018 beginning at 17:00 (GMT +1) in all 39 zones of Eden Eternal, Ch. 4
    PS: If you don't find our dead bodies until Monday before the maintenance begins, Kynou will bring suffer to our poor souls.

    Event Rules

    - 39 skeletons are scattered all around Eden's world.

    - 1 skeleton (check picture below) is hidden in every zone

    - post all exact skeletons locations + associated map in this thread

    - don't forget to include your In-Game Name

    Event starts

    Every Friday at 17:00 (GMT+1)

    Event's Deadline

    Submissions ends with maintenance every Monday.


    The 39 souls will reward their savior with

    1 x Tier 10 GM Wish