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    It's the official Discord that resembles the game, so obviously you stick to the supported clients, which are English and French. Just have the staff mention somewhere what languages they speak

    [Edit Bonny: second warning, I won't repeat myself]

    Also, I basically meant, people in those specific language channels, such as spanish ones find help in the help channels without needing a staffmember. For tagalog, idk, bruh? Not much tagalog community around? xd It's just easier to find mates of your own country that way, to help, talk and get along with them. That's what I'm thinking about. Just a + for community in general, if you prefer to drive bulldozer over the whole discord, I don't care lol

    limiting to 2 languages will bring conflicts, I can tell that for sure
    [Edit Bonny: this was unnecessary. If you want to report something, my PMs are open]
    also you can not expect a dead game to have an alive discord, of course the channels are empty but so is the universal one

    people provide help to people and theres not even a gm needed for everything else people dm gms personally anyway

    spanish, german and french community channels shall stay. remember people might don't know english language well and here they find rules, information and help + chats in their language, even though provided from players. I suggest not taking the last thing community loves. ;)

    Allgemeine Infos
    Wir suchen aktive und vor allem freundliche Spieler. Eine Gilde ist dazu da, eine Gemeinschaft zu bilden, die sich unterstuetzt.
    Nyctophobia ist aktuell die groesste und aktivste deutsche Gilde auf dem Server.
    Bei laengerer Inaktivitaet passiert bei uns erstmal nichts, sollte aber Platzmangel herrschen, wird das Mitglied, das zu dem Zeitpunkt am laengsten inaktiv ist, aus der Gilde entfernt. Jede Entfernung aus der Gilde wird vorher besprochen.

    Wir machen zusammen DoD, TK, T1 & T2. DoD mehrmals am Tag wenn noetig, dass jeder auch einmal mitgehen durfte. Die Endgame Waffen sind schlussendlich das A und das O. Hilfsbereitschaft innerhalb der Gilde zeichnet uns aus. Jeder in der Gilde hilft anderen Mitgliedern gerne. Hast du eine Frage, wende dich an einen Gildenkameraden oder schreibe in den Gildenchat ( /g "text" ). Sollte deine Frage nicht beantwortet werden, wende dich an Offiziere oder an die Gildenmeisterin selbst. Wenn du Hilfe in einer Mission brauchst, kannst du dich immer gerne an deine Kameraden wenden.
    GvG ist keine Pflicht, aber wir machen es der Belohnung und des Spasses wegen! ;)

    Wir haben einen gigantischen Discord mit vielen, hilfreichen Infotexten, sowie Klassenbuilds. Der Discord ist mein persoenliches Herzstueck, da wir unzaehlig viele Stunden/Tage/Wochen/Monate darin investiert haben. Jeder ist herzlich dazu eingeladen, dem Discord beizutreten und seine Informationen daraus zu beziehen. Wir bitten allerdings darum, dass keine unserer Anlagen kopiert oder an Dritte weitergegeben werden, warum versteht sich bestimmt ohne Worte. ;) Wir telefonieren uebrigens sehr gerne, falls du ein leidenschaftlicher Voice Chatter bist, findest du hier auch was du suchst!

    Konnten wir ueberzeugen? Suchst du noch deutschen Anschluss?
    Unsere Familie nimmt jeden von euch freudig auf. Schreib unsere Offiziere doch einfach In-Game an!
    Amotek, Mayuli, Aedra und Amyrillis freuen sich auf eine Nachricht von dir!

    Dream of Destruction (short: DoD) is the last dungeon to receive the endgame weapons. You can get 3 rewards at the end, if you have managed the dungeon in the given time, cleared all mobs and the group has not suffered any deaths. If any of the above requirements have not been met, the reward will be reduced by one.

    Attention: weapons have percent !! Each weapon has a base ATK or M-ATK value and this can be a minimum of 101% and a maximum of 120%. Weapons below 118% can be used, but neither Mana Infusion nor Safety Stones should be wasted in these. Use weapons under 118% only until you get a better one with 118% +. Weapons below 118% are bad.

    Each of the two dungeons can be made 5x daily, but if you do DoD, look that you will have enough time to do all 10. The basic requirement is that you do all 10 together - it will take at least an hour, depending on the dungeons and the group you are playing with.

    Remember that people in random groups always greed on stuff because needing is like stealing. Be aware that You might be kicked if You need on Items, specially Unidentified ones.

    Watch out for Bloody Payback and for Reflect Skills on the Boss Monsters. Those will kill You instantly when You just run into it. Make sure the group can change their classes. To fight Bloody Payback (short: BpB) or Reflect Skill (shot: REF) You will need to swtich on Warlock's awaken class "Demon Tamer" and this class needs a lot of healing. Cleric's awaken class "Adjudicator" is just perfect for it.

    DoD - Weekly Schedule with elemental weakness List for Annihilators


    1. Angor Quarry

    Herak - elemental weakness: ice / lightning

    Mori Mori - elemental weakness: fire / light

    2. Fort Verdure

    Quade - elemental weakness: fire / lightning

    Ketak - elemental weakness: fire


    1. Tasos Channel

    Angela - elemental weakness: ice / light

    Juan - elemental weakness: fire / lightning

    2. Shale Cavern

    Gun-RX79 - elemental weakness: ice / lightning

    Robo VT080 - elemental weakness: fire / light


    1. Eroda

    Salvio - elemental weakness: lightning / dark

    Dark Dragon Jiro - elemental weakness: ice / nature

    2. Morticora

    Ulicul - elemental weakness: ice / dark

    Guillaume - elemental weaknesses: fire / lightning / light


    1. Vileshark Headquarters

    Axe-Moss - elemental weakness: ice / lightning (< watch out for random REF Skill!)

    Kedar - elemental weakness: fire / lightning

    Charles - elemental weaknesses: fire / ice

    One-Eye-Roger - elemental weakness: fire / lightning

    2. Branda Root

    Null Hearts - Boss can only be broken using Slash, Pierce and Strike

    Acilino - elemental weakness: lightning / light


    1. Malice Palace

    Garson - elemental weakness: ice / lightning

    Doubledoor - elemental weakness: fire

    Sagharra - elemental weakness: ice / lightning

    2. Ulta Hall (this is a hard one without very geared people)

    Kenny - elemental weakness: lightning / light

    Tiamat - elemental weakness: fire / ice

    Gamera - elemental weakness: ice / lightning

    Kasin - elemental weakness: nature / dark


    1. Mayor's Dream

    Dana - elemental weakness: ice / lightning

    Alice - elemental weakness: fire / nature

    Shadow-Alice - elemental weakness: fire

    2. Baltaroi Core

    Haslett - elemental weakness: lightning / light

    Ebaster - elemental weakness: ice (< watch out for random REF Skill!)

    Baltaroi - elemental weakness: lightning


    1. Veninfang

    Hank - elemental weakness: ice / nature

    Ram Blood - elemental weakness: fire / lightning (< watch out for random REF Skill!)

    Karen - elemental weakness: fire / nature

    Chino - elemental weakness: nature / light

    Frightclaw Dragon - elemental weakness: ice / lightning

    2. Slain

    Bayard - elemental weakness: fire / lightning

    Anderli - elemental weakness: nature / dark

    Kassadiin - elemental weakness: lightning / light