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    Welcome Calla !

    I hope the work won't be too overwhelming . Its a lot for one person to manage EE community, I hope to see more people working with you.

    A lot of us still love EE and would like to see it grow and improve ! ♥

    Thank you for the update !

    Im curious if Eden's Item Mall will update , either offering other items , new bundles , better prices , or weekly/monthly sales .

    Also can anything be done about the constant disconnecting ?

    That's because we have no CM/PM caring about it. So many people tried it via Discord and Forum to reach someone but without success, you wont have success either, I'm afraid. I'm sorry.

    Ah I see ..?(

    I was so excited about all the items this game has . . .

    I'll keep hoping for change then,

    Thanks for the answer !

    So I have to ask , is this how things are going to be ?

    This game with hundreds of items to wear and the altar just giving us chances to get 1/10th of of those items?

    Im new to Eden so I looked at the discord Altar history and its been repeating for months with nothing unique.

    Are we supposed to keep getting alpha and prime items and combine them to get the other outfits/weapons?

    It just sucks to have the same legendaries and mounts in the auction being sold for 999999 gold and other boring legendaries that so many people already have in there.

    Hey all !

    If anyone checks the forum , drop your favorite screenshot !

    I've taken a lot but lost them when I had reinstall the game T__T


    I'll update when I 're-take' some screenshots

    Share some of your favorites ! <3