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    Shitty repeat altar again.

    Shitty incompetent CM again.


    GM Rhys what did you just said again?

    about Unbiased / Favoritism .

    PEOPLE are not BLIND.

    FEAST YOUR EYES at the information above.

    The BIGGEST reason why this game cant flourish.

    HISTORY NEVER LIES. Now Shall we Check? xD

    Quizzle 2

    Term 1 (blue crane + Shii)

    Term 2 (blue eyes on the limestone forged monster + Ren1)

    Term 3 (blue lanterns over the bridge + Orpheo)

    Term 4 (blue mailbox + Zbok)

    Term 5 (blue NPC head from <Zumi Merchant> Alec + Psions)

    Quizzle 3

    Term 1 (blue rope coil + 7glove)

    Term 2 (blue chests+ Shougunii)

    Term 3 (Scarecrow's blue hat in the Eden Glen garden + Orpheo)

    Term 4 (blue flowers + xTine)

    Term 5 (blue cocktail + Ren1)

    Term 6 (blue mining carts + Stoi)

    Quizzle 4

    Term 1 (Warp Portal curlicue + Stoi)

    Term 2 (Magic Pool's green goo + Tiidz)

    Term 3 (Giselle's green dress + IMango)

    Term 4 (green Fame NPC - Sage Stone + stalvin)

    Term 5 (Nora's green dress + Lirioƒarn)

    Term 6 (green stars on blue treeleafs + Yu)

    Quizzle 6

    Term 4 (Tempting Lily's pink top + stalvin)

    Term 5 (pink bush + I mean if it wasn't obvious already)

    Quizzle 7

    Term 6 (<Calamity Blossom> Kison + Zexion13)

    Quizzle 8

    Term 1 (Golden Hat from Phire + Psions)

    Term 2 (Golden Star + Orpheo)

    Term 3 (Golden Crown from Ruhtra + Stoi)

    Term 4 (Golden Braces from Mattias + Erebus)

    Term 5 (Golden Sword from Amos + KiaM)

    Quizzle 9

    Term 1 (Treeballs? xD + just make it treeball)

    Term 2 (pot filled with soup + llaurick)

    Term 3 (round thing on the ground + Zexion13)

    Term 4 (palace ruin + AngelA)

    Term 5 (round shield + Stoi)

    Quizzle 10

    Term 1 (will be revealed if guessed + IG name)

    Term 2 (iron helmet + Ren1)

    Term 3 (iron pickaxe of "Zumi Scout" Taen + AbbyRembrandth™)

    Term 4 (iron weapon + Pinksky)

    Term 5 (iron armor + Psions)

    Term 6 (iron soup bowl + Stoi)

    Note - all blanks means they are new names / or they won first time only.

    Do i get Ban for posting this valuable information?

    Nah i don't care anymore.

    Are you a GM? of course no just NObody who tries to sugarcoat the gm xD

    1. I am a well educated person; why?

    2. Because i get the highest pay among thousands of employees.

    3. STFU - im not asking for your ideas. So SUCK it up Zexion.

    Well who's not well educated hmm?

    GM Yamea got some complaints down at HQ.

    1st . Please tell people that join this Quizzle to give specific name of things. "(Example. Quizzle 9 - Soup Gimme Soup? you're looking for round object but then he stated SOUP GIMME SOUP" , ONLY DUMB & STUPID & RETARDED people don't know that SOUP has no SHAPE. ("i don't think you fall for the category above")

    1st A. This is Quizzle - Quizz. NOT A FCKN EFFIN ESSAY.

    2nd . Same People keep on winning every Quizzle "whats this? buddies event Only?

    3rd. Please VERIFY if that item/stuff really is present at its Coordinates.

    4th. NO HARD FEELINGS BUT - your event really has gone haywire.

    5th. If they put "IGN : watchamacallit or any name that doesn't match their IGN. You shouldn't be mailing their rewards.

    I SPENT HOURS AND HOURS ROUNDING THE MAP LOOKING FOR UNIQUE OBJECT that qualifies to the object you seek and some lazy people just keep Posting any thing that has a small relevant on the item/stuff keep on winning?


    Bashable means = Capable of being bashed or hit.

    My Term is = Vector Zero "BlackStone"

    Where at = Wetlands 304 : 272

    ign = Lirioƒarn ( ƒ = Hold Alt + 159 )