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    Look at the usage of the language channels and get rid of the categories that aren't used much. You can have people ask for language roles to @ if they want to find people who speak another language.

    Honestly event suggestions and feedback could probably be merged into "Feedback/suggestions" as event suggestions doesn't really see much use. Altar suggestions is used so keep.

    English channel no matter what can be nuked. Most people speak English in Global. Just make a global help channel. (Or move the English help to global so that past stuff is not lost.) As such information can probably be moved to Global or the top category.

    Media category and bot spamming categories can stay. You could though just make a media channel but people may be displeased losing their specific channels.

    Main problem though is the discord isn't even that disorganized or hard to manage. It's just a massive amount of language channels. (8 usable ones.) On my maximized discord window it literally takes up the whole sidebar with just language channels. With all of them minimized it's about the size of a category. So if its not possible/ people dont want them gone, I'd suggest taking rules and information out of them, and just make a multi-language version at the top category, or global.

    This one is more a suggestion about getting a better response. Instead of the forum, it might be better to just say make a google form asking for opinions about what should be removed, added or merged for the discord, and send it out in the discord. As not everyone wants to bother using the forums.

    Section V: General tips

    This is more for things that might not be helpful or as useful early game. Or just are obvious but I feel need to be put here anyway.

    • To switch classes, press "K' and click transform. You can also hotkey classes to a current skill bar by going to "Class News" and clicking and dragging the icon that is next to the class description. This is more useful later on for quickly switching between awakens and such.

    • After level 10, 20, 30 for a class you'll own a certificate that can be used on all classes, combining them can give you bonuses. Level 40, 50 and 60 of a class will upgrade them. You can equip them in the class menu under "License Knowledge" here you can invest Knowledge Points, which are basically passives.

    • Once you get to Tranquil, I suggest going to the other starting zones, the portals can be found at Tranquil Hill. You are never required to go here, but for the legendary achievement that gives more EXP and CP I suggest doing it while you are in tranquil hill anyway. Go to those zones, kill the elites and finish the book quests.

    • Whenever you get to a new town, activate the teleporter so you can always go back there if needed.

    • When you are in a party, you can "Ping" the minimap. This will cause a blue pulse to appear on the minimap by right clicking it. It will also play a sound, which happens to also by the sound for whispers. So you can annoy some people as well.

    • If you don't like a way I said to do something, then do what you like. It's a game, play as you enjoy it.

    • Since I don't have a section for this, and it's easy to find out, I'm putting this here:
    1. You have G-Healing and P-healing. See G-healing as "Group healing" As it increases your healing done to others, and P-healing as "Personal" being the healing you receive. Easy to remember.

    If you notice a mistake or disagree with something, reply and I will fix it

    If you have any questions also feel free to reply.

    If I make another one it will cover:

    Crafting, Guilds, general information about legendary achievements and other general information


    (People who corrected or added information.)

    Alphoccio for bringing up the Guardian Trait

    I wanted to start making somewhat long guides detailing some parts of the game. this one will cover character creation and the first 10 or so levels.

    Upon completion you should be able to:

    • Make a character
    • Use skills and some basic combinations
    • Purchase and do book quests
    • Activate the Path of Destiny
    • As well as other things I'm too lazy to list.

    You are also encouraged to, on your own, explore the different menus and find out how to do stuff. As in RPGs, exploration is amazing and will get you far.

    Section I: Character Creation

    First choice you need to make is race. All races have different racial talents, skills, and crafting. This tends not to be too important, usually it just effects how you gem and glyph, if anything. Or just convenience/small advantages with skills (None that I feel are too game-breaking nowadays.) So pick the one that you're going to like staring at, or the one you'd want to do racial crafting with.

    Ursun(Bearbois): Glyph crafting! Glyphs are very important, they can really make or break a build. So if you don't want to rely on or buy from someone else, making a ursun might be for you. Can only wear male costumes, and for example cant wear cat ears.

    Anuran(Frogbois): Alchemy, they can make fun little dyes or potions. But also very powerful potions to increase your stats with. Not to be underestimated! Costume restrictions like the bearbois

    Zumi(Ratbois): Engineering, they can create trinkets that can be used with the path of destiny, and other useful and fun things. Wonderpockets mmm. A note for people who may need a esier time: Their starting zone fame chest trophy has a chance to heal 22 hp over time.

    Humans: Gems, they can craft special gems that increases special stats (for example INT magic elimination gives int and magic crit) their gems are also used to craft tower gems.

    Halfkins: Trophy enchants, they make enchants for trophies.

    Generally all of can be needed and useful. Unfortunately if you want to be a pretty lady you must be human or halfkin. All races start in different zones besides human and halfkin, as well.


    Leadership: HP&MP+12%

    Guardian: DEF+10% Elem.Resists+5%

    Apostle: Int +10% M-ATK+5%

    Commander: Str+10% P-ATK+5%

    Adventuer: Lck+10% P-Crit DMG+10%

    Crackshot: Lck+10% M-Crit DMG+10%

    Maverick: AGI+10% Atk Speed+5%

    Sanctum: Wis+15% G healing+5%

    In general, you want to choose one you think will be useful late-game. If you would like to be more tanky, Guardian may be beneficial. If you want more damage as say a Halfkin Mage like me, you may want Apostle, as you can cap M-Crit and M-Crit DMG quite easily. Later you can cap/supplement other stats with gems and gear, or even change this trait if you find a better combination than what you chose.

    Classes: You are only able to choose between 6 or so in the start, but unlock more later. Choose any for creation and I will explain some others to.

    Not all classes have their level 80 awakens, so while leveling you may want to level one that has it more than ones who don't. Here are the ones that do:





    Martial Artist

    Blade Dancer









    My recommendation is play any of those you want. Awakens are quite powerful, and helpful. To see the requirements to unlock a class just scroll over it. As a note, it's kinda skewed to favor magic dps more.

    Character password: Choose something you will always remember. as it can't always be trusted that you can get it reset quickly!

    Section II: Before starting

    Before anything, I'd suggest you change your hotkeys and other settings to something that you prefer. Press esc, then click settings.

    Change your graphics so that it looks good to you but is still smooth. The CHR settings above are things that show up and things that don't adjust these to your liking. I like the health bars for example. I turn off moving with the mouse since I cast my AoEs and sometimes mess up and cancel out of them by clicking. Scroll over them to see a description, and tune them to what makes it easier and more comfortable.

    Same with controls. Since I move with wasd and camera, I have QERF as skill keys, as well as the number keys and f keys. Making the game comfortable for you can save you a lot of headaches. Under UI settings you can change the color of the UI if you want.

    Feel free to change chat settings. You can get rid of the background or if its not enabled, then enable it. You can turn off chats and add tabs for specific chats if you want. For example:

    My main chat is: general, couple, whisper, guild, region.

    Battle is: dmg, drops.

    I have a system chat, for system messages. I highly recommend you make one dedicated to system as well, as it can help with troubleshooting.

    World is peer and world, the spammy chats. I only have it opened if im looking to trade/buy.

    Let's make inventory management easier. Click that blue gear button next to the chest button on the bottom if your inventory. (Default button is B to open inventory)

    Here you can specify to auto sell white or green items, or both. For now check to auto sell white items. As green can still be useful to you. If you feel like its not, check both. Now whenever you go to a npc, you can click the sell button on the bottom of their shop and auto sell all of those tiers of gear.

    Also, press "P" this will open up the event window. Go to the Path of Destiny section. You can open a path here and leave it. Every so often next to your headplate you will see a dice icon. Notifying you that you can roll. Using this allows you to get extra buffs, exps and items while leveling. Whenever you reach the end, or run out of turns, you just create a new one.

    Section III: Level 1-5

    In general, this section is uneeded, as is any section on levels. But there is some things I want to explain or try to teach you. For the most part, all you do is just follow the main quest.

    For this section that point is 2 things.

    1. Pet

    I would recommend that you when you get to be able to choose one, choose one that can use "Vocal bomb"this one will allow you to have a ranged pull, regardless of class or weapons.

    If you really want the bunny or bird, just make another character, get there, and archive it (The gold chest button, see the inventory screenshot.)

    2. Book quests

    Press M, and look at the merchants. Usually in town you can find a general merchant.

    Humans and halfkins: Carrack

    Zumis: Lucky

    Ursun: Phyllina

    Anuran: Yoren

    You can buy them at anytime, though I think if you are high enough they'll show up as a gold exclamation point on the map. You can do these while leveling for extra exp, resistance gems, enchants, and fame. As well as jars that spawn the elite monsters of the area. To use just right click the book, accept and do the task. Then right click and complete. Then repeat the steps till the book is gone.

    Section IV:Level 5-10

    Continue the main quest basically pick up any extra gold quests you see while questing to get extra exp.

    By 8 or 9 you'll be at angor quarry in Limestone Mountain, and need to do the 0/2 dungeon for a quest. Talk to the mini soul guardian before going in for the quest, always.

    Some dungeon tips:

    • Don't pull too many until you are comfortable.
    • When in doubt, cleric.

    It should be easy to get to your first boss. Now lets take a moment to look at a monsters headplate:

    Where I underlined in red is it's BP and buffs. BP is break points. We'll learn about that later. The red is it's buffs, and is the most important thing to look at. Sometimes they can have a passive reflect on, which without noticing can cause you to basically be killing yourself. Read them so that doesn't happen to you.

    Underlined in blue is the elemental damages that can break them. Using these damages will decrease their BP. Depleting the BP can cause special items to drop.

    Underlined in black, if you click this button you can see the things the boss drops. You can also see what skills they can use, and plan accordingly.

    Knowing these things can get you loot, and save you from deaths, but how about some times with skills? Some skills have interactions or can just make life easier! In general just read skills.


    clerics can use cure to keep their health up. As well as prevention to remove debuffs and decrease damage. Early game they can pretty much be unkillable. If you play with someone else, you can keep them alive as well. Light's sanction can reduce holy and nature resistance allowing you to deal more damage.


    Warriors can use onrush to stun, and deal damage safely. Destroyer is a damage over time, however also using deep impact while it is applied on a enemy can allow you to cause a knockdown. Declaration of anger can reduce damage and incrase your malice generation, so if you play with friends this early on you can tank. Their tornado combined with life cure can allow you to just kite groups of enemies.


    Ambush causes the next P-dmg attack to deal double damage. Same with warrior the regular skill damage over time, Resonating Blow, can be combined with Slam to cause a knockdown.


    Kneecapped can immobilize enemy, precise shot can slow them down. Allowing you to fire from a distance.


    Similar to warrior they can cause a knockdown. Their general skill Winter's Chill, if applied and lightning bolt is used can cause a knockdown. Fire bomb can also stun. Winters chill also slows down, so it helps keep the distance.


    Firebomb can stun. Most of their skills can allow you to kite use winters chill to slow down and give your kiting more of a safety net.

    So now we have part time CM and PM to share with Twin Saga? :/ Which one is your favorite?

    I more wonder what the focus on getting stuff done is on. Trying to get updates? Trying to do decent sales? Or is eden more just something that is barely going to be looked at, and just support with keeping it up?

    Honestly seems like they are intentionally pushing Eden into a further state of inactivity, like just sorta sitting there.

    It's been nearly two weeks since I requested a pw reset on a character. I guess Aeria doesn't want my money anymore :(

    Sadly this is the result of one person doing the ticketing system. Even back when you had a bigger consistant team doing it, getting response could still take a couple days.

    Probably doesn't help that as said earlier new CM does 2 game, and there had probably been a super long backlog of tickets. soon™

    It is not the case that the game is that grindy anymore, my friend.

    main quests take you and fly you up relatively quickly. Infact it kind gets annoying that you level so fast, youd have like 5 different main quests to do because you out level places so fast.

    Socially, it is a bit hard to find people if you arent end game. I'm the dumb person who randomly walks up to people and talks and have made a couple friends while leveling to around 30. So the advice to find a large guild to meet people should not be discarded too quickly.

    If eden doesn't have any gameplay features you really like over AK or Twin saga, then I'd recommend to go to one of those. Cuz honestly its not worth if theres nothing in eden that stands out to you.

    Since you suggested some kind of speed run, I will say DoD at 90 or so might interest you, it's like time trial... trials? It is kind of fun. Gearing could never be easier. Even the 1-65 achievements are easy now.

    Our current eden is the NA servers mixed with the french server i think? Hence some of the channel names (Anglo (English) and Franco(French) ) So don't be surpresed if theres a population who can't speak english well. You might also find german. Of course Filipino people have for a good time been part of the community. Main point is this is also a reason some might not respond to you.

    GS(Now called GM.) Presense is here. Anytime I ask a question even if its not directed at her Yamea will answer it if needed. Or if I say something I dont have enough information on there will also be some added information.

    Coming from a short time of being a twin saga GS. I dont see why have a Q&A. I mean, it's good to be creative with events, but GS will pretty much always answer questions. Or atleast I did. I even would juggle them with random conversation. As it is part of the job to be a part of the community. I would more want a Q&A with the CM and PM. People who don't speak and answer too often.

    (Though for TS We did have a Q&A with the PM, and atleast from what I can read from the German and english chats at the time, it was pretty much just a step up from what the GS could give. )

    I could almost guarantee the GM will only be asked things they answer nonstop anyway.


    I would personally group with you if my character wasn't in between your two lower characters, and if I didn't sleep while you were on lol.

    But to be blunt if you're looking for a good social experience, you will not have a good time in the lower levels, even if it's easy to level up it may take a while later, to find people on your own.

    Your best bet if you insist on playing is infact to join one of the larger guilds, and just talk. Also if you dont have it then get discord as well, because I think most guilds use it more than TS.

    Not always. The CM can decide if he sets up altars or not.
    For landrates the PM is needed, but the CM can just take an old altar throw out all items and use the landrates of this one, just replace the items. Not in every case the PM is needed for those. CM can also change loops, without the PM.
    For instance, taking altar of January 13th, 2016 and set it, if the items weren't up for long.

    Ahh alright, thanks

    GM's plan the content of future altars (this is because we're actively playing and we're in in touch to the community, we usually know what you want because you guys either forward it to us, or we just miss it for a long time).
    CM controls them and decides if they pass through. CM can also set them on his own but he wont build new altars without the PM. % in altars is PM stuff. He can take old altars and replace all items in there, this goes well without the PM. But the PM has the final word always.
    CM is not doing any sales or content planning, but with content planning is meant updates, for example.

    Yeah i know the content planning part. So its mostly a joint effort of the GMs and CMs and PM will decide if s/he likes it and allow it to pass?

    So I realised this thread after finding out the error with Sage skill, Aura: Hammer Friend. Even though it literally says "All party members within 15 feet are healed over xxx HP" it doesn't heal party members, it only heals you. It's annoying to see that kind of misinformation in the game and it should be easy to change that description, right? Why nobody deals with those descriptions at least? So we can play according to real informations. :')

    So doing this all from memory.

    Hammer friend heals you and then party members within 15 meters get P ATK. So it's most likely someone is lazy if it says "All party members within 15 meters are healed for x HP" When it actually would mean to say it for the other effect of the aura.

    Danmaku may have experience, but so far, he does not seem to be putting much effort here. 4 days, and did not even introduced himself.

    Guess we are back to good old days, with invisible CM.

    Yeah back when twin saga first started the CM back then was rather invisble as well. I never really understood the reason a (Community) manager would want to remain as not part of the community. but back then it was the opposite, s/he just sorta made a forum post then rarely said anything that wasnt on social media. :/ (not talking about danmaku of course.)

    Though now that I think about it, does community manager really plan the altars? Or is that product managers responsibility, or some kind of joint job? Back for a while ago I would think not, and he has said his responsibilites included pretty much everything except content planning and sales. So is altar a sales issue, or a something that would fall into his hands?

    Even then, though, you'd think he would relay what people in the community would like. I would really want to know where exactly things stand, but aeria is not well known for transparency, and being able to communicate. :/

    I agree for some more fresh altars. Large selection of costumes should make it easy that you don't repeat often while still being balanced. With random interesting filler (Housing stuff is fun for me atleast, I like to collect them. :/)

    The themed altars like enhancement or crafting/holiday are nice as well in my opinion, gives a nice refresh state.

    Of course it would also be nice to have some good quality conversations with the new cm :*

    I see. I guess it makes sense, from what I understood the CM and GM roles back then were kind of similar. :/

    Anyway thanks for the answers, I've made my character and will probably start playing soon.

    If any other new-ish people want to squad up or something: IGN Zuomo, Discord : Zuomo#1857

    Hello everyone. Hopefully this isn't the wrong section.

    Many people happen to either not know, not be confident of or have had problems in earning free AP. I myself have done so many times, and have made quite a lot of AP. 8o To put it simply, you need to have a lot of patience and be very dedicated. As well as having a good deal of preparation.

    Before anything. You must remember. It's not actually free. You are the product being traded for the AP. Either for your time, clicks, or personal information (or in some cases, actual money?). Now that this is out of the way, let's move on.

    Before looking at our options we have to talk about limiting factors.

    Where you live: Where you live or where it perceives you live can greatly limit your access to some surveys and other offers.

    How old are you: A lot of offers want you to be of age or around there.

    Gender, ethnicity, income and languages you may speak can all effect surveys and other tasks. (Some tasks are in spanish for example, for me.)

    Access to a credit card: Some offers will give you AP if you buy or get a free trial of a product. Personally I would never do these offers.

    Willingness to put in personal information: Some offers are as easy as putting in your address, or even just email address. This is probably so they can send you loads of junk mail I also ignore these.:rolleyes:

    TL/DR: Things you put in about yourself CAN influence some offers such as surveys.

    Your providers

    Peanut labs: By far the most paid out among all of them for me. You just fill out a profile and it gives you some surveys it thinks you may

    fit the criteria for. If you wonder why there needs to be criteria, surveys are usually for some kind of research or trying to gauge opinions for potential products and such, and they usually want specific groups of people.

    Also, very often for me the given offers will not match, and you have to go through a couple before you get one that does. Anyway the surveys are definitely their highlight.


    They are kind of like peanut labs, except I don't get a lot of payouts. They are very colorful, and make noises thought. If you can't get much luck with peanut it's a good way to see if you can get it with personaly. They do have some other offers, and I have gotten them to go through. So go for it.

    Trial pay:

    Not available in my country which is the united states. ?(

    In the past it WAS available though. It wasn't all that good for me.

    Super rewards

    As I typed this I felt the need to smash something.

    I'll be honest, they pay out a lot, especially with low ap offers. But sometimes they will not. Those times will make you hate their customer support people. One incident ended with me in a long battle with both the provider and the service that the offer was for. But I got it. They also have some junk offers that offer a fraction of 1 AP. I literally have a pending balance of 0.08 AP with them. :/

    Tl/DR: Peanut Labs, if that doesn't work try Personal.y and if that doesnt work then try super rewards.

    Types of offers.


    Offers that would ask you to click onto a webpage, or watch a videos. They typically pay out very small but almost always pay out.
    Be sure to stay on the webpage, and finish the video fully (Or just mute it and read a book) :sleeping: Sometimes you can open multiple at once and get the payouts. Othertimes it ruins it.

    The install something offers

    Some offers ask you to download and install something. Some will even want it installed for a couple of days. Personally, my advice with these is simply: Don't. Just don't do them, they are annoying, and troublesome. However if you want to do them, I'd recommend using something to sandbox the browser/any applications it downloads. such as Sandboxie . But in the end the payouts are usually low, or around the same as surveys. So to me it never felt really worth it.

    The Email address, address/free sample offers:

    In these you put in a email address or address and they will probably send you some junk. Or sell your information probably ||, I've done the email ones, and the email I used is the most overflown email I have. I've also had some junk luck in gettin payouts with them.

    The Buy or start your free trial offers:

    These are offers where if you buy something or get a free trials you get some AP. I've been told it works but I never wanted to try. I get lazy and don't trust myself to end a free trial, and also don't really trust the providers sometimes.

    Become a new user on this site and do x thing

    These surveys will usually ask you to sign up for something and achieve some goal on the site. Like one with Swagbucks to get 500 points with them, and you got maybe 1-2k AP (When I did it it was 1700)

    Another example is I think rewardTV where you sign up, do 2 surveys based on a tv show that was recently on and get like 100 AP. (Didn't hear it from me but sometimes you can find multiple instances of this offer, and juse use a new email to do it again.)

    My senpai of offers, Surveys.

    My love of surveys cannot be understated. For me as long as I am patient I can almost always get payouts. Alot of surveys seem to want spanish speakers and such. Though I guess this depends on where you live. More or less, though it gets the job done for me.

    How it usually goes:

    it'll ask you some questions before the survey to see if you fit. If you do not you will be moved to another one where you must do this process again. Always try to answer relatively the same for all the questions. I dont think I have ever gotten fully locked out of the ability to keep trying for a survey.

    Types of surveys:

    Rules of offers:

    There are some rules I personally keep in mind

    1.) No matter what. Always. ALWAYS. ALWAYS! Screenshot. Everything. You will be needing this to bury the customer support person with undeniable proof of your completion of the offer. (Or for them to know where you might have went wrong. :whistling:)

    2.) Ask yourself if the AP is worth the task/time it takes to complete the task. If you don't have a lot of time, probably not.

    3.) Finally, lower your expectations. You probably wont make 1000 AP in a day, some people won't even make this in a week. It's really based on factors you may not have control over, and how much time you are willing to waste on it.


    The reason I made this thread is that some new people may not actually wanna spend money but might want some AP, and I wanted to share the main ways I made a lot of AP by more or less randomly doing tasks that took maybe a couple hours out of my day and left me with a good amount of AP each week to take advantage of the tiered spenders. On a lazy week or a week when surveys seemed scarce because I had already done them, I could get around 20 dollars worth.