Is the altar broken?

  • The truth is I do not understand, I hope you give me information,

    but I make this note to know why the bad rotation of the Altar in Eternal Crystal.

    Already more than 1 month ago and the Altar of EC's has the same rotations,

    and the truth I do not know if only I have detected this bug or whatever they want to call it has not been corrected.

    I hope you answer me. Good week. :(:?:

  • a new set of broken altar is introduced, you can enjoy it for next, idk how many weeks, till person who's in charge of setting altars decide to work on it.

    it's not GM nor GS authority to decide what's next altar would be.

    good things about this mess is, prices goes down even more, no inflation, so it's neat for new players, they can have full legendary or fort stones which suit with their income from quests.

    it will lead plenty of new names in Territory War because it's easier for them to gear up and enjoy PvP content, slow but steady.