How is this game still running?

  • I started playing this game five or six years ago when it was still new. Eden Eteran was pretty popular at Aeria Games during this time with relatively high population, crowded towns, a ton of new updates, events in game and on forums, GM interaction, tons of guilds, and a great community on and offline. I mean I remember during the summer when GMs would host forum events every week and even do random fun events in game randomly and give out prizes. Guilds battles were so hectic and fun even if it was an insane lag fest. Going in game there was always someone to talk to because Guilds at the time were relatively active even if they weren't one of those big shot guilds. Probably the best memories I had was when they added new dungeons in the game and being able to explore and fight these new bosses with my guild. Of course it is always challenging to get that one person to tank because everyone wants to level their new DPS class, lol.

    I eventually left the game about a year later due to life but I eventually came back for awhile after they had a server merge (my poor pet got deleted...) but left again.

    Fast forward from 2011 to 2018... This game is on its death knell. Not only has there not been an update in years, but the only new "content" that's being added into the game are cash grab promotions. I literally was just on the front page clicking through the news tab and all I see are a bunch of cringe worthy promotions promoting people to buy stuff in a game that's already on its last few breathes. It's really sad to even come back onto the forums to see everything completely wiped clean as the past couple of years never even happened. It's like they're deleting every trace of the game's golden era and pretending it never existed. Let's be honest, this game is NEVER getting another update again. Doesn't seem like the company cares about it anymore because it's literally just an offering plate to collect cash from it's remaining player base.

    How is this game still running? Does anyone other than a Gamesage use these forums? Do GM's come here at all? Like...I get it, it's inevitable, MMORPGS die. But It's really sad to see what this game has turned this game into. It's like having your best friend having to rest of their life in a coma on life support. They're basically gone already, just like this game, but the question is whether you keep it running or just pull the plug to end it already. This game is basically living in a coma and it's really sad to see no one willing to pull the plug on a game that has already died.

  • I'm from a fast-paced and efficient country. I'm really shocked that the update is freaking slow and the players here are very patient. The game didn't get all the awakening classes all these years. How come? I don't understand at all. ?(

    Efficiency is low. Compensation sucks. The altar keeps repeating... really?

    However, I still like to play this game. :)

  • I started this game in his closed beta and i really loved it. We had just a small guild, like a family. We had always alot of fun, but after the release from Aura Kingdom, our old Server started to die. Slow, but he did. Some players said, they got a offer, if they play a Character in Aura Kingdom to at least LVL 30 they would get 1000 AP, so they left to this game and some of them never came back. I saw so much guilds dying, there wasnt Events anymore or anything.
    My ig-cpl and me got the jobs of GS, so we tried to change it by ourself. We worked on alot of big and great Events with nice prices.
    From one day to another, there was the message, that our Server will be shutdown in July 2016. The whole community hated us, cause we didnt told them abt this. But how should we? We asked the GM a few days before if everything is alright and she said yes. She said, we shouldnt be afraid of shutdown or anything bad, nothing will happen and we can keep working on our Events.
    So... they lied to us and let us work on the Events, knowing, that the Server will be closed soon.

    After 1 Week, we talked so much with the GM (or should i say, we wrote him so much messages and never got any answer) the GM told us, that our Server will be merged with the international Server. It was great, but alot of players left, cause they cant speak english (some of them were pretty young or to old) and we didnt got a Client in our language (so they had at least a interface and settings they understand).

    tbh, i miss the old times, chilling with friends in aven or having fun in trials (i still remember our first run in angor trial, our tank was always like "no worry guys, i make it" then he saw the big wormy and just said "holy, thats something i wont make" :D ) and i would love to see any kind of updates in the future. Like the - still - missing awa classes and lvl 100 content.

    it would be great if we get at least this, the missing classes and content, maybe doing a break after lvl 100 and finish the game at this point. The players could decide by themself, if they keep playing after reaching everything or if they leave.

    Imo that would just be fair for us, even more for the players, who keep playing this game since so many years. (Since we got the new - and better - server i keep hoping for our game :) )

  • no idea but there is only one server called Hope that i know of or is there another server

    thats the only server, its 1 "big" server, they merged all server together, cause most of them were nearly dead. now its just 1 international server with the name hope (maybe cause we hope for a better future for our favorite game?)