access to account denied on launcher

  • I had downloaded launcher for eden eternal to test it out and somehow it works you know launcher? but somehow when try type in username "example": Exhalegoat it never works says its not correct name and either that I need to get admins to get app authorized on settings on profile or I have go contact someone in aeria games to fix it? I can't put that sort sensitive data here it not that don't trust you guys just I feel that make me access completely denied at this point if I try it again...also do I have to have webpage open at same time while trying to play it?


    other apps I tried to get working from aeria games was EOS, and Aura Kingdom and I use Windows 7 with pretty good graphic card. just don't ask me to relate on that...I don't think I could ever get EOS working on windows 7 its seems to never get past white screen phase. Aura Kingdom you have to either use window size phase and your in which surprised can never go past certain limit and windowed. How small is window on EOS I wonder???:whistling: