I Still Have Faith In You

  • In the still of the night I can almost feel you lying next to me like it used to be and it's hard to let go when there's always something reminding me of how things could be.

    I've tried to get you off my mind. I've tried to play my part but every time I close my eyes you're still inside my heart.

    Why can't I laugh? Why must I cry every time we say good-bye? Why does it rain here in my heart everyday that we're apart?

    Why can't it be just you and me? What will it take to make you see these are the words to my heartbreak lullaby?

    Like the stars in the sky you still keep shining down your light on me but out of reach and I know that in time you will come back to your senses, see the signs and change your mind.

    I've tried to look the other way and keep my heart on hold but every time I'm close to you I lose my self-control.

    Why can't I laugh? Why must I cry? Give me just one good reason why...

    (Heartbreak Lullaby)