Basic common issues and theirs solutions

  • Hello everyone,

    The team Eden Eternal decide to create this post to centralize the different issues and the solutions, :*

    1°) I can't install the game

    If you can't install the game, you just need to download the version from the Google Drive:

    2°) I have install the game but I can't connect :cursing:

    If you can't connect:

    1. You can "Full Check" on your launcher
    2. If you have always the issue:

    3°) I can connect but my account is ban/block

    1. If you can't connect, please first check your email.
    2. If it have always the issues:
      1. You need to send a ticket on this link
      2. When you type your ticket, please don't insult the support, be patient and cool ;)
      3. It is useless to send lot of ticket for the same issues, when you do that your first ticket is delete.||
    3. Check every day your email to be sure when the support answer you

    4°) I can connect on the web site but I can't connect in game

    You need to go on this link, and you need to change your password.

    5°) I can connect but I have lost all of my characters

    We are sorry for that, but with the different merge, the Eden Eternal decide to remove all of the not active characters. (no connection since 6 months before the last merge);(;(;(

    6°) I bought a service, and now "What I need to do?"

    • If you have bought a rename, you need to type a ticket and tell to the support what is your new name (Please choose 3 names).

    7°) I bought AP, but my AP stays "-1"

    Please first, wait 1 day and if the issues stay please contact a GS and they will see with you, what you need to do.