Dragon Knight Class Quest Guide (Personally Made By Lora)

  • Hello Eternal Guardians, Lora here!

    I made this guide for you while I was doing mine so hopefully this can help:

    -My apology if some don't have pictures xD Forum limits 10 only so I tried to describe everything I can for you. :3

    Requirement/s for Dragon Knight Quest: Level 70 and finish the entire "Awakening Drake's Soul" mission.

    1.) Obtain the quest " Lv.70 Legend of the Dragon Knight I " from your quest log [Press L] or see a yellow circle with blue exclamation mark on the right side of your screen, click it and make sure to turn off the blue diamond on "Level Choice" so you can see your other quests. Find the quest stated, click it, and obtain.

    2.) Go to Amos (located in Aven) to obtain " Temple Knight Pledge " item.

    3.) Then head to Golden Plains map to see Sighborg. ---

    4.) Turn in your quest and obtain the quest " Lv.70 Legend of the Dragon Knight II " from Sighborg.

    5.) From that quest, talk to Otto and Del after that talk to Grey Tongue (ALL are located in Rainbowfall Forest map).

    6.) Turn in your quest and obtain the quest '' Lv.70 Legend of the Dragon Knight III "

    7.) [Talk to Kimmy to report your quest] Click "Rope Stairs to Tasos Channel" item from your Track Quest OR follow the coordinates (507x 457y) given on the item and go there -> right click to use it from your bag.

    8.) You will be teleported in Depths of Tasos Channel map.

    9.) Go straight and you will see "Enigmatic Femme" kill her.

    10.) You will get a status of "Restrict" a powerful force that restricts your actions for 5 minutes. 

    11.) This will take a few tries if it bugged out, you might have to go outside again and reset the dungeon then go in the way you did at #7 Then pay attention to the Zone chat, you should be able to see: for Kimmy to spawn and turn in your quest.

    12.) Obtain "Lv70 Legend of the Dragon Knight IV" quest from Kimmy (same npc you turned in your quest at #11)

    13.) Auto Route your quest and head to Sighbord (Golden Plains map) to o report your quest progress after obtaining "Top half of confidential document" item so that you can deliver it to him. And then turn in your quest.

    14.) Obtain "Lv70 Mysterious Slate Stone I" quest from Sighborg.

    15.) Right click the "Flame Crystal Location Pass" given to you at the same map but on coordinates of 458x 313y OR stand in front and middle of You will be teleported in Baram's Chasm map then talk to Kimmy (near the entrance) to turn in your quest.

    16.) Obtain "Lv70 Mysterious Slate Stone II " quest from Kimmy (same npc you talked on #15). Right click Kimmy again.

    17.) You should have Kimmy's Pike. Then click " Learn Pike Technique" You should be getting these skills :

    Then click "I am ready. Let's start." (You should have Kimmy as your pet). FIGHT all the way.

    18.) After the fighting, you will meet Kusaic (Boss monster). Defeat it.

    19.) Head near the Flame Blue Crystal and Kimmy will spawn behind you and also walk to the crystal so that you can turn in your quest.

    20.) Obtain "Lv70 Mysterious Slate Stone III" quest from same Kimmy at #19 and right click him to transport.

    21.) Head to aven with the item given to you "Ancient Literature Transcript" and hand it to report to Conan (Aven map) to turn in your quest.

    22.) Obtain " Lv70 Mysterious Slate Stone IV" quest from Conan so that you can get the Meterol Curia Bell item.

    23.) Head to Limestone Mountain map . You can click the icon item on the text of the quest under Track quest [right side of ur screen] or go to the coordinates 368x, 408y. Right click the item to enter Andrew Mine V (DO NOT enter the one with the door).

    24.) Talk to Bess to report. Grab the " Lv 70 Crystal Destiny I " quest from Bess. You will automatically get a shovel after that. See your backpack then click it once you get to the coordinates 33x, 82y.

    25.) Follow the zone chat. If you see "Oops, you've damaged mine..." wait for your "Gather Crystal" status [located on your status bar to cooldown. Then you can use the shovel again.

    26.) Follow the zone chat CAREFULLY and QUICKLY to prevent the damage zone chat.

    27.) Use skill 1 [ The crystal looks sturdy...] -> Use skill 2 -> [ Use Exploring Crystal ] (These skills can be use repeatedly depending on how the zone chat wants it so please do follow it carefully to prevent the damage scene). Ending [Good job! I can finally see the shape...].

    28.) Menson will appear in there, fight him to obtain Brilliant Blue Crystal.

    29.) Turn in your quest at Bess inside.

    30.) Obtain "Lv70 Crystal Destiny II " from Bess.

    31.) Head to Aven map to see Conan for quest report.

    32.) Obtain quest from Conan " Lv70 Crystal Destiny III " and you will be given a "Blue Crystal's Memory" item. Click it in front of him.

    33.) You will be teleported to Delphi Temple. Your character will turn into Kimmy.

    34.) Move forward and Torreyace will appear. Follow him. Defeat Holy Temple Guards. Follow him again. FOLLOW THE ZONE CHAT and USE THE APPROPRIATE SKILLS. Follow him again then defeat Delphi Holy Statue.

    35.) Go straight and you will meet Torreyace (huge monster)

    36.) Choose Safeguard Power (right side) , Compassion (left side), Determination (right side)

    37.) You will see a Memory Crystal in front of you. Go there and "Pick up Memory Crystal" then leave enigmatic femme kimmy's memory. Head to Conan.

    38.) Obtain "Lv70 Crystal Destiny IV" from Conan.

    39.) Head to Golden Plains to see Sighbord. Obtain " Lv70 Awakening Drake's Soul I " quest from him.

    40.) Right click the Mysterious Slate from your backpack given to you then right click it again, you should be able to see fusions of two items ( Blue Crystal and Mysterious Slate ) click "Fusion" -> You will get an item called " Drake Soul Rock Slate "

    41.) Go to Shiver Peak map to use this item. Right click the item in front of Skleros DGN. You can see the coordinates. You will then teleported in Depths of Skleros's Ice Abyss.

    42.) Go straight to that huge circle. Wait for Torreyace and right click him. THERE ARE 3 TRIALS to finish here. Choose Acquire Flame Drake's Belief. Kimmy's Pike is in your backpack, right click it to equip. -> Choose First Trial Begin. Follow the zone chat while defeating Torreyace monster. Right click him again and choose Acquire Dark Drake's Belief. -> Second Trial. Again, follow the zone chat. Right click him again. Choose Acquire Hidden Drake's Belief. -> Third Trial. Follow each zone chat.

    43.) Right click Torreyace again to turn in your quest.

    44.) Obtain " Lv70 Awakening Drake's Soul II" Talk to Kimmy nearby to turn in your quest.

    45.) Obtain " Lv70 Awakening Drake's Soul III" from him. You will get the Bottom Half Confidential Document item. Head back using the pink door.

    46.) Go to Golden Plains map to deliver your item to Sighbord.

    47.) Select a reward and confirm. You obtained the Dragon Knight class now BUT accept the quest " Lv70 Awakening Drake's Soul IV " from him. and head to Aven to see Amos. Then talk to Zephyrinus (same map) to turn in your final quest.

    48.) CONFIRM there and tada!!! Congratulations you completed the Dragon Knight Quest <3:!::)

    Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it helped you so much!

    - [SGS]Lora <3:saint::!:Have a wonderful day!


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  • Great job. You put a real work on there. I'm about to do my dragon knight quest and this will help me. Awesome guide! :thumbup:Thanks.

    You're welcome! Goodluck! :saint:<3

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